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I experienced a strange problem when trying to record a track this weekend. I'm using a LG Optimus Speed smartphone which I updated to CM7. Before when I used Froyo I never had this problem - so I don't know if it's CM7 related or just Locus having trouble working with Gingerbread - and here's the problem:
I start Locus and get a GPS fix in a few seconds time (so no  problem here) then I start recording a track and turn off the screen (I always do this to extend battery runtime). Next time when I turn on the screen again to check on the recording I see that Locus doesn't have any signal anymore - on the GPS screen no satellites are shown but the "GPS on" button is still turned to "on" (in settings the option "Turn off GPS" is turned off!).
When I now deactivate GPS via the button and reactivate it after short while, I will have a GPS fix in a few seconds time. So it can't be for a weak GPS signal that the signal is not detected (btw I made the experience that I get a GPS fix in 8 to 15 sec time even indoors!!). And the sad thing is: I get no recording at all  :cry:
And as I said before: As long as I was using Froyo I didn't have problems with Locus loosing its signal. I always had very acurate recordings.

Troubles & Questions / Record track while in navigation mode
« on: August 08, 2011, 21:41:48 »

here's the situation: I want to make a bicycle tour and created a track which I loaded to my device anad imported to locus so I will be able to use this track as a navigation while riding the bike. But I don't only want to use the navigation but also record the track I'm riding. Is this possible?

Implemented / Export maps to GPSIES
« on: May 12, 2011, 15:13:55 »
are there any plans to integrate an interface to the GPSIES homepage(  

I like this site very much and would love to be able to send my tracks directly to this site.

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Troubles & Questions / Recording of a track doesn't work
« on: April 30, 2011, 00:50:40 »
I don't know if someone else already posted this problem - searching the forum didn't get me an answer.
So here comes my question: If I try to record a track the recording doesn't work. I already fixed the GPS settings of my phone and made sure that I get a GPS fix (usually I get one in about 30 seconds - outdoors that is). Now everything looks good: I start a recording walk or drive my way and then stop the recording now it says track xyzs saved and sure enough the track folder shows a track xyz - BUT: The track has a length of zero and also a time of zero on my phone. 1st I had it in my pocket inside its protection case then I removed the cover; the last test was carrying it in my hand - just to ensure the phone wasn't disconnected from GPS. But nothing worked - Locus just won't record the track.
Any help will greatly be appreciated.

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