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the GC Offlinizer is a great tool. But I have a little problems using it.

If I'm right the best way to get all pictures (spoiler and listing pics) I only have to click on 'use api' checkbox.

When I try to download pics for a few thousand caches it often stops and does not continue. When I restart the process it often happens again at a other percentage.

I don't know why it stops. If it has to do with the GC server or with locus. The network works fine.

Maybe adding a skip this cache button may help or (another) timeout.

A more verbose mode would also be fine to see on the list what file currently is downloaded.

Thanks Wolle


I know a way to get the current coordinates into the clipboard. I just have to edit/add a waypoint and then it's an easy way. But:

Is there any easy way to copy my current position to the clipboard e.g. from the compass page or somewhere else? I need it often and so I'm looking for a comfortable way.

Thanks Wolle

when I open a geocache and then click on the line where coordinates are mentioned I get a popup to change the coordinates.
But this popup has empty entries on the left side where should be "N,S,E,W"

See attached picture.



I mentioned that a Geocache, which is disabled AND has corrected coordinates, does not have the little asterisk on the right upper corner.

It's not so important to have this "fixed" but sometimes it would be nice to have this information.

Regards Wolle

is there a way to change the line which points to the waypoints that belong to a geocache? I almost can't see it.

Regards Wolle

when I use the guidance I have a very thin line pointing to my target. I'd like to make this line thicker. Is that possible?

Troubles & Questions / not able to use GSAK addon
December 02, 2015, 20:37:43
I installed the GSAK DB Addon. But I'm not able to see any caches from the database. I copied my Founds GSAK database (db3) to my phone (Android 6). It only contains found caches.

I pointed in the GSAK addon to this DB. I checked the box to show found caches. I've checked the box for live map.

The only thing that happens is that the Addon crashes regulary and not only one of the caches is displayed.

Any ideas ?
Cheers Wolle