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Troubles & Questions / Tap on checkbox triggers scrolling instead
« on: October 17, 2019, 20:55:22 »
I recently wanted to move some tracks from one folder into another one.
So I opened the original list of tracks, tapped the wrench icon to bring up the check boxes for selection.
Whenever I tried to tap a checkbox to select a list item the view jumped to some other tracks. After several attempts - that became more and more annoying - I noticed, that the tap accuracy seemed to be poor (or my fingers too fat) and the tap was recognized in the scrollbar area that is next to the checkboxes. Just as if you click with your mouse somewhere in the scroll bar region and the slider jumps there.
My track list is longer than one page, so scrolling is certainly needed. However, with the inaccuracy I observed selecting list items  is not reliable and you need to be veeeery precise to have the right action happen. Otherwise you have to start over and scroll to the region again for the next attempt. I resorted to long-tapping a list item, that will select it, too. For me it would be sufficient to scroll the list with repeated swipes. I dont need the scroll bars. At least not in the way they are implemented now: just a couple of pixels wide, which you barely can use in a meaningful way. And effectively the inaccuracy also renders the checkboxes useless. Then you could stay in the original list, long-press what you want to select and.... no, the copy, move and export actions are not available there, only in the selection view. And this is defunct  - at least for me.
But before complaining too much first a request for confirmation: did anyone else observe this problem?

Troubles & Questions / G4L: Cannot add cache bookmark
« on: September 04, 2019, 15:02:28 »
Apart from adding a cache to the watchlist G4L also offers a "Create bookmark" menu item.
I assume, that the intended functionality is to add the particular cache to one of the user lists (can only guess, as it does not work for me...).
What I am getting instead is a redirection to a error page, stating the the supplied GUID does not comply with the expected format. Could it be, that G4L did not pick up one of the recent API changes?

[DE] - deutschsprachiger Forumsbereich / Set GPS position?
« on: March 18, 2019, 16:47:29 »
Kann man in Locus die GPS-Position temporär manuell setzen?

Ich meine mich zu erinnern, das mal in den Details einer neuen Version gelesen zu haben.
Damals dachte ich noch: "Prima, brauchst du kein Fake-GPS mehr und musst nicht zwischen den Apps wechseln". Nur: ich finde weder in den Announcements etwas dazu noch in der App selber.

Daher kommen mir langsam Zweifel und ich frage mal hier: geht das?

Troubles & Questions / Annoying default behavior of WP/Track "Edit"
« on: September 11, 2017, 10:00:23 »
It happened more than once that I was bitten by this, so I thought I discuss it here.

My problem:
When you select to edit an existing track/WP, the default behavior is, that the title is selected and the keyboard comes up. Unfortunately this happens with some delay. Now, there are quite some other things you can do in edit than renaming the item. So you aim for e.g. changing the folder or the activity or the color or another option, but when you hit the screen the keyboard has replaced the icon you were aiming at.
What happens then is that you hit some arbitrary character and overwrite the item name. To revert this you need to select the menu and discard your changes. As I mostly do not want to rename the item this bites me over and over again and I do not seem to get used to this.

I would prefer that Locus does not try to guess what I want to edit and just bring up the edit menu.
Maybe this is a problem with my decive (Moto G3), so firstly I wanted to check if anyone else faces the same problem.

Thanks !

Troubles & Questions / Dynamic direction pointer in Dashboard?
« on: June 27, 2017, 14:49:19 »
Can I add a dynamic direction pointer to the Dashboard?

A quick search only delivered this post, where a similar question was raised some time back. I am not aware that there was either an answer back then or an implementation in the meantime. But I may have missed it...

Background: I was paddling the other day and my phone with Locus in guiding mode was packed in a waterproof pocket, in bright sunlight and a little away between my feet. (And me wearing sunglasses instead of my reading glasses) No chance of seeing the details of the guiding panel under these circumstances  :-\

Now I had the idea of creating my own custom dashboard with the relevant information in giant size.
I recall from the old Garmin days that you could have a direction pointer in the "trip screen". I searched around in Locus and found dashboard items for bearing, course, azimut, some along with a symbol. I adjusted the sizes to giant and looked forward to testing. Unfortunately the symbol is just what the name suggest - a symbol of what this element is supposed to represent. A static symbol, that always points to the same direction, no matter how you are moving.
So this was a dead end.

I tried compass guiding view, but the readability is not good enough, especially the heading marker does not stand out enough.

I then tried the freshly added guiding line parameters. Cranked the width up to 350% which came near to what I imagined. But there is a twist here as well: although you are offered to adjust color and opacity of the guiding line, this does not make the line transparent to allow a look at the map items underneath. Instead, the color just got a little lighter.

I may be good with this workaround, but I am wondering whether there is a better solution for this. Especially, as I would need to revert these guiding line settings manually each time I am done with canoeing. This would really be better isolated in a dashboard I can activate temporarily.

Any know solution or hints?

Troubles & Questions / Map overlay with protected nature areas?
« on: May 22, 2017, 10:35:37 »
I frequently do "location scouting" for new geocaches while on a tour.

It would be desirable to check the protection status of the area of a potential hiding spot already while being there. This would also allow for searching a problem-free alternative in case of conflicts.
My usual source for this kind of information is this website, where I can activate various layers:
Here an example.

However, the "workflow" is pretty ineffective, as one would detect potential conflicts only after the tour.
Is there a way of achieving this in Locus, preferrably with an additional overlay on the offline map?

Troubles & Questions / Visibility of cursor in night mode
« on: March 29, 2017, 11:13:50 »
I was on a nightly bike trip the other day. Since I have automatic night mode enabled the map was rendered with inverted colours.
As long as I was on my navigation route all was nice and clearly visible. But then I decided to take a detour and get back to the calculated route later. Consequently, the navigation indicator turned into a question mark, which was expected. What was not expected was, that I had a second cursor now. The navigation cursor stayed at the next/latest navigation point, while my current position was indicated by another, barely visible  :( cursor.

I am not even sure whether this would be different without navigation. I have a crosshair cursor while I am stationary, and it turns into an arrow as soon as I am moving. I guess it was that one I was seeing then. So there seems to be a cursor for stationary, moving and navigation state. What I would like to have is a moving cursor that is equally well visible in night mode as is the navigation cursor. Which one can be recommended?


Add-ons / G4L: How to achieve these 2 things?
« on: April 22, 2016, 15:07:16 »
After switching to a new Android device I decided to switch from c:geo entirely to Locus with G4L.
I used to use both in parallel before but felt, that then information is too distributed and also the workflow/handling in the field was a little clumsy.

With continued use I start to miss some things in Locus. Maybe they are there already?

There is one c:geo feature I really would like to see also in Locus:
When Live Map is active, in c:geo you have the option to display the currently visible caches as list.
This lets you select individual list entries, easily review D/T, type etc. and save them for offline usage in one go.
Is this possible in Locus, too?

Another thing:
During a multi-cache I frequently need to add new waypoints to a cache. These are cache waypoints and no regular Locus WPs. So I am using the G4L user interface to add them. On a longer hike my current position is at some point far off the original start location. I may be in map view or in guiding view. Now: In order to add a new WP to the cache description I need to go back to the map location of the cache WP symbol, bring up the details, select add WP. This is pretty cumbersome. Is there a more convenient way to achieve this right from my current location?


Troubles & Questions / Locus freezes sporadically
« on: February 14, 2016, 11:06:00 »
First of all:
I am going to describe a problem, for which I cannot really fully pinpoint the conditions yet.
So the purpose of this post is mainly to ask for pointers where to investigate further and probably also for similar experiences.
Of course, ideally there would be a solution already.

What I can say so far:
- I did not try it with Locus 3.15.3 yet, used the previous version, G4L is up to date
- it only happens when I am using the geacaching addon
- it only happens when I am prompted for input
- when it happens the phone is frozen, after some time I get a dialog whether I want to wait for Locus or want to close it
- once Locus was closed and restarted, I am immediately ending up in the same dialog, this time it is responsive and I can make inputs
- sometimes several dialogs of the same type are open
- it mostly happens when I want to add a new waypoint to the cache or edit an existing one
- it does not always happen
- sometimes after exiting Locus I am ending up in the lock screen, even though unlock is disabled and I just need to swipe up to unlock
- As an aside: When I want to edit the personal cache notes I am getting the input dialog but no keyboard opens

I know, that this is pretty fuzzy. But be assured: this is extremely annoying when in the field. All I want to do is change some digits and then I am ending up struggling with my phone. I suppose, that this has to do with interdependencies of the Android screen lock settings, Locus' overrides of the same (disable lock screen) and the geochaching addon. But this is just guessing from the symptoms, I am not a developer and I am not aware that there is some debug tracing feature to record what I am doing and which system state is present at that time.

Does anyone have similar experiences? And even more important: is there a solution?


Troubles & Questions / Trouble with track navigation
« on: October 25, 2015, 23:16:43 »
There are lots of matches for "track" and "navigation" here, but none seems to quite fit my problem.
Which is: I want to use the polygon-based navigation that should work for tracks without embedded navigation instructions - but can't get it to work

I recall that I had it once working, but now, after changes in Locus version, Android version and device, its gone.
I don't expect this method to be 100% perfect for e.g. forks with a small angle, but at least one would expect it to work for a rectangular turn, right?. I  simply don't get a notification tone when I approach the next track point or when there is a significant change in direction. I set up strict routing, notify every point etc. - nothing, zero, niente, nada, nitschewo.
Recently I was really fed up: I spent some effort to create a nice trail running track on small pathes with many turns. Relying on appropriate notifications I set out to follow it with my headphones on (as I need my eyes on the path and not on the display). But Locus wasn't of any help here because it simply remained silent and thus spoiled the entire run. I had a similar experience with a mountainbiking trip before, which was not as bad as I had the phone mounted to the bike and had visual control of the track.
Any help on this one is appreciated because this really reduces Locus' value for me drastically. If I cannot resolve it I may need to seek another solution. But I cannot believe that Locus cant do this - I guess I am rather too dumb to find the right settings.

A quick search in the wishlist and the forum did not yield an obvious answer, so I'll ask here:

Since I've got my 5 inch smartphone I find it increasingly difficult to use the "center map to current location" button of the bottom panel (the cocentric circles) one-handed. I am a right-handed person and the reach of my right thumb is limited. So now sometimes I hit Android's back button, other times the rotate map button of Locus.

I would prefer to have the buttons reordered similar to customizing those of the side panel. Unfortunately I did not find a way to achieve this. Did I miss something?


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