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I do a small amount of geocaching via basic membership of
Since the most recent updates to Locus Pro v 3.16.2 and G4L v 2.1.4 I can no longer download full details of even one cache  GC4L seems to be unusable for basic members so I therefore use c:geo and (as Locus User Guide) use 
Stored/Menu/Show on Map/Export to Locus which transfers the details directly to Locus Data Manager Points folders All details are then available for each cache in Locus except the logs and images are not shown  If I then use "Download logs" in Data Manager the logs are downloaded and remain available offline but the Listing is then deleted and no longer available offline
If in c:geo I use Stored/Menu/Export/GPX and then Import to Locus all details including logs (but not images) are transferred I can live without the images in Locus but perhaps someone could advise me please how to get the logs to Locus via the Stored/Menu/Show on Map/Export to Locus route

Many thanks
I am using Locus Pro Ver 3.16.2 and Geocaching4Locus/ Ver 2.1.4

When importing some caches using G4L/Nearest I noticed 'Warning: Empty folder' (or similar)  Thinking I had plenty of storage space anyway I continued and found that all previous data in the destination folder was deleted    I suggest the on-screen warning should be expanded to read 'Warning: Existng data will be deleted Empty folder' or similar

I then read the manual about Backup Manager/Restore  There is little information here  I followed the dialogue boxes and selected the latest auto backup file and ticked Field notes and Points/Tracks   I was expecting but do not recall seeing an option to select Restore for just the folder I had messed up   The app restarted and I had lost in every folder any new data created after the date of the backup file  Again have I missed something?  If not then it would be great if the manual could say just a little bit more to help  The implications for me this time are not huge but I can see it may have been useful for me to have done a manual backup before trying to recover the old folder  Is there any way to then recover the missing new data?  Or could I before the Restore have renamed all the existing folders I did not want to lose and then do some folder renaming and deleting afterwards?  All seems a bit messy  Is there a better way?  I have not found any relevant previosu post

Any assistance or reference to relevant post would be greatly appreciated
On a regular basis I import .gpx  track files that are generated in OruxMaps  The files show recorded tracks and associated waypoints  When the files are displayed in Locus Map Free (v 3.12.2) the manually created waypoints are displayed as small black squares  Start and end waypoints are green and red circles  At zoom 20 - 22 the black squares are on or very close to the track   On zooming out the black squares move off the track   At zoom 16 the black squares are displayed approx 50-60m north of the true position  The track and the start/end waypoints remain in the correct position throughout 

As a check I have imported .gpx files from other sources:
1  BaseCamp  A route prepared using 'Via Points'  These points also appear in Locus as small black squares that move north as I zoom out  However, when the route is prepared using Blue Flag waypoints the display in Locus appears to be correct for all zoom levels
2  GraphHopper  On-line route and waypoints displayed correctly for all zoom levels

Another Locus (Pro) user has replicated the above behaviour

Can someone please direct me to a relevant previous post or advise how I can overcome this problem of the shifting waypoints?  I can provide a .gpx file if useful