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I have been disconcerted somewhat when walking with my 'phone on two occasions recently: my offline OSM Great Britain map disappeared.  A .kml overlay of paths and my track recording remained visible.  The map would reappear, eventually but might disappear again, too.  I was in a poor signal reception area showing a mixture of G, E, H+ and 4G.  That could not be the cause with an offline map, surely? 
Navigation & Guidance / Online GraphHopper
August 09, 2017, 19:59:17
I was interested to read of the new online GraphHopper navigation facility in Locus Map version 3.25.0.  I continue to use the add-on, updating the routing data myself from time to time.  I had an issue with GraphHopper's Driving Directions  at that I use on my desktop: the one 'Foot' option took me along vehicular roads instead of footpaths, yet the GraphHopper add-on with Locus Map would direct me along the very footpaths I would choose to take.  I raised the issue on GraphHopper's own forum, without success.  Here is the difference: I choose 'Walk' with the new online GraphHopper and it takes me along vehicular roads; I choose 'Hike' and it takes me along footpaths, just as the add-on.  I am extremely pleased with that result.
Troubles & Questions / Map tiles "Loading..."
July 08, 2017, 22:37:50
I feel distressed!  I have used Locus Map for more than two years with barely a fault.  I was walking on Thursday when my GB map showed map tiles loading, suddenly.  I did not know what caused it but thought it was a blip of some sort because I have not once had such an issue.  Now at home, the same situation is continuous.  I can zoom out (13) and the whole screen displays, but slowly.  Zooming in (from 14) or panning, a map tile is either frozen or a number of map tiles display, "Loading..." but nothing happens.  My set up and content has not changed, essentially.  Nevertheless, I have deleted all folders containing my specific tracks and boundaries; I run CCleaner every day; I have tried another mapping dataset; powered off and on my 'phone; cleared the cache in Settings/Apps.  I have been aware recently, too, that Locus Map is taking much longer to load upon startup.
I understand this might not be a Locus Map problem as such, but this forum has such experts, I wonder if someone might be able to help.
 I have much information displayed on my 'phone screen at any one time when walking: my recorded journey by car to my start point; my breadcrumb trail; paths highlighted in different colours to assist my checks, etc.  I set navigation today to return to my car and could not see the route immediately.  There were very small red arrows, certainly, but the route line was the same as the recorded journeys I have made - because it uses the line style as set in Locus Map settings, I guess.  There does not seem to be an option to create a different line style when preparing a new navigation, so far as I can see.  I appreciate I can hide all the recorded journeys, which, in the absence of prompted choice, I must remember to do.
Troubles & Questions / Route and track differences
October 13, 2015, 12:38:31
I had not appreciated a major difference between selecting 'Car' or 'Foot' Recording Profile until very recently.  I am accustomed to using Garmin's BaseCamp to view my tracklogs as my GPS device had been a Garmin eTrex Legend until three months ago.  I see that the .gpx file in .txt form shows 'rtept' for 'Car' and 'trkpt' for foot.  I am unsure whether this has been the case always.  The result is two quite different tables in BaseCamp that show the car tracklog as a route but without leg time or speed but the foot tracklog with both, which is important to me.  I checked Menu>Settings>Track recording>Recording profiles...Advanced settings>Automatic export>Parameters.  'Track as route (RTE tag instead of TRK)' is unchecked for both 'Car' and 'Foot'.  I wonder if this behaviour is recognised and correct or whether something else in the settings affects my different results.  The GPX version is 1.1.
I have a Moto G 4G 'phone. My concern is about restoring both Locus Map data and settings in case of damage to or loss of my 'phone. I thought it might be a simple case of copying the app's internal backup files to my Windows 8 PC for safekeeping. I would be able to copy one back to the same location in a new 'phone and restore. Wrong! I receive a 'Unspecified error' message when I try to copy the files. Is there a facility to backup online or must I use a dedicated backup app to succeed where I failed? I spent much time looking at such apps and gave up.
My main use of Locus Map Pro is for hiking.  Typically, I import .gpx files of tracks that I have created in GraphHopper Driving Directions or from sites that offer ready-made walks.  I follow the track and record my own tracklog.  I have had no success in getting 'Distance to target' and 'Time to target' to work.  I should be grateful if a user would inform me in detail as to the steps I must take.
Locus Map manual states in Point To Point Navigation, "It is possible to change the location of the starting point as well." and "start point - coordinates pre-filled from your GPS position, can be further edited or some other starting point can be selected by the Location Selector."  I find, when attempting this, any start point I choose is overridden by my current location when the navigation is calculated - my home, usually, as this is where I experiment and plan with Locus Map.  This happens whether GPS is on or off.  I must be overlooking something.
'Navigate to' page and 'SELECT LOCATION' window both have 'RECENTLY USED' tabs.  I wonder how they operate: I assume they do not accumulate results of searches and navigations ad infinitum, yet I cannot see a means either to delete all or select individual items for deletion, which I should find useful.
I have confused myself totally about the actions of popup points and tracks, and map information while learning so much about Locus Map:  I can obtain popup information about my own tracks and points, and address information, too.  I am unable, however, to obtain information in a similar way from the underlying map, such as points of interest and road links, using in my case offline OSM.  Should it be possible or is my memory playing tricks?
I ask this question out of curiosity only.  I have discovered an excellent method to import a ready-made track before embarking upon a walk.  I can plot my proposed walk very easily with a few strategic via points using GraphHopper maps.  I must give credit here to GraphHopper maps for the excellent way it works: the path selection is formidable and the via points are such a better method than Garmin's BaseCamp rubberbanding.  I export a .gpx file that has the name GraphHopper.gpx, which I rename before saving.  I copy the renamed .gpx file to internal storage on my 'phone and import it using Locus Map's own Data>Import function.  Here is the interesting part: two tracks result; one carries the name I gave it but appears to be a series of straight lines between downward-facing red arrows that seem arbitrary and do not match my via points, certainly; the other is named GraphHopper Track, which is the actual path of the compiled track.  Here is the conundrum: is it GraphHopper or Locus Map that is the cause of the two files?
My current GB map is in Computer\XT1039\Internal storage\Locus\mapsVector.  I thought I would try to move it to my SD card.  I have copied a downloaded file from Windows Explorer to a new folder at Computer\XT1039\SD card\Locus Maps.  Going to Maps>OFFLINE>, tapping the 'plus' symbol at the foot of the page and 'Add external maps', 'ADD NEW FILE/ DIRECTORY', locating the folder and the file, I get, 'Problem with '''.  I have had this issue previously, too.  I have copied the from its current Locus location, renamed and added folders, all to no avail.  Advice would be welcome.
I appreciate the facility to create my own dashboard, which I have done.  However, I see advantages in the track recording panel, too.  I have chosen ten items for the track recording panel.  The top and bottom rows are full width for one item each only.  The bottom row is half-hidden by the recording button and recording profile panel, making it necessary to scroll upwards to view it fully.  Do I assume correctly that there are no facilities to alter either the number of items per row or the heights of the rows?
I am late to Android GPS.  I have used a Garmin eTrex Legend for many years.  It permits the display of Ordnance Survey British National Grid coordinates.  Is it possible to change the map datum similarly in Locus Maps?