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if the side panel is hidden, when you click on the button to show the map legend nothing happens because the legend is opened in the hidden panel.

I would expect that if the panel is hidden when I click on the legend, it should show up again with the legend info.
Web portal & sync / Hide to bar in web planner
December 09, 2022, 15:49:50
I use the pc for convenience and I also do it to have a bigger screen than the phone one, so I suggest inserting an option to hide the top bar that you see in the attachment, which most of the time is a useless waste of space.
Tasker / Location with Locus info
December 03, 2022, 15:26:34
The classic example of automatic sending of sms with tasker, a little more refined and on steroids offered by Locus  ;D

You can transmit all the data available in locus according to the variables exposed thanks to Falco's Locus Tasker plugin, mine is just an idea on which everyone can then adapt their needs

Here is the link to taskernet:

The requester sends a text message with a keyword
The message is controlled by tasker on the recipient's phone, if the requester is authorized and the magic word is correct then it sends the location.

The location is validated based on accuracy, within one minute the location is provided:
accuracy of 25 tested for 30 sec
accuracy of 50 tested for 20 sec
accuracy of 100 tested for 10 sec
total 1 min, otherwise a negative message is sent and only the battery status data is provided.

If locus is recording a track more information is provided.

In addition to tasker to get the additional functions you need: Locus Map Locus Map Tasker Plugin Set up: in the profile LWAY edit the event that triggers the action, set in SENDER who is authorized to ask the location (use the magnifier). You can set multiple users. than edit in the content the magic word, it's not case sensitive, use * before and after. LWAY Locus Where Are You HIAM Here I Am
Maps / Make available also SRTM 1" on LoMaps
April 02, 2021, 11:32:21
I downloaded the map of northern Italy from the locus store, together with the altitude files available. I noticed they have a detail of 3" even where the zones mapped at 1" are available.
It would be nice to have two links on the map page in the store, one with the 3" detail for those who don't want to take up too much space and one with the 1" for those interested in better accuracy.
My wife took some photo point in Locus.
(I do not operate in such way this is why it's the first time I noticed it)  As usual at home I collect all the images of all devices together and I geotag all possible pictures with the recorded tracks.
I expected to find the longitude and latitude already set in the photo point of Locus. But verified with irfanview and exiftools there is nothing. I suggest to apply this data in the photo point jpg because it's useful when you archive a lot of jpg in a folder on your pc you can always know where you took the picture.

Inviato dal mio SM-G800F utilizzando Tapatalk

Recently I bought a new garmin forerunner 235 and as I usually do I tried to import the track in Locus (I am more a nerd than a runner ).
I usually do this by converting the garmin fit file in gpx with gpsbabel but the new 235 has the heart rate monitor and I want to keep this data so I used tcx because it doesn't lose this data.
Locus imports the tcx track but there is no way to show heart rate.
I know that probably I'm the only on the earth to do this but I'm curious to understand why if locus can manage and record external data from sensors and can also use tcx files can not import HR data.

Inviato dal mio SM-G800F utilizzando Tapatalk

I selected all the tracks in a folder and started statistics.
It seams that altitude is shown as sum of d+ and d-
I don't understand what this data means.
I think that only d+ and (but less important) d- are significant.

Inviato dal mio SM-G800F utilizzando Tapatalk

Troubles & Questions / Locus at boot
August 17, 2016, 20:42:25
Is there a reason why locus is loaded at boot time?