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Are there any instructions how to convert version 3 themes to be compatible with the new map format? Thanks for any hints. Even after stripping all version 3 specific tags I can't get my theme to work.
I'm using LineageOS with MicroG integrated on my Z5 Compact (Google Services-less).
The consequences with Locus are, that I can't login to the Locus store (email doesn't work too), Google Places and Adress search doesn't work anymore, which renders Locus near useless for me, because I'm using these searches quite often, when I'm on a trip.
Version 3.31.3 is the last I could find, which still works for me (Locus store log-in, Google Places etc.).
Is it possible to return to the old system or provide some sort of fallback for us MicroG users?
I know it's not standard not using Google Services on Android, but would be nice to have a choice anyway.
Thanks for considering.
Please see the attached image. The problem exists since the introduction of the new Locus theme, but only with the city style. All other variants work without problems (car, ski, hiking), although I'm not a big fan of the new look at all. Thank you for looking into it.

Since the introduction of Auto Zoom feature a few versions ago I got this strange behavior and it is still present with version 3.13.0
I use Locus Pro on my Sony Xperia Z1 Compact (Android 4.4.4). If I use the guiding function with auto-zoom enabled I experience the following behavior. I'm starting at home and set my work address as guiding target (ca. 4 km away (direct line)). So far so good, after being exactly 2 km away from target (direct line) the zoom, which is ca. 17/18 at that moment goes out to 15 and my position is not centered anymore (it's somewhere near the lower right side of the screen (I use Locus in my car in landscape mode and with shifted map screen center). Guiding still works, but by getting closer to the target the map center gets shifted even more off screen. Disabling the autozoom, everything is back to normal and my map center is not off screen anymore.
Any ideas? Could anybody reproduce this behavior?
Thank you in advance for looking into this.
Hi. I'm using Locus Pro 3.8.2, but this bug exists since a few versions.
Everytime you use the automatic zoom function with guiding enabled and the zoom level changes according to your speed, the position is not centered anymore, meaning it doesn't follow your actual position (centering gets disabled). Please note that this only occurs when there's a change between zoom levels (e.g. from 18 to 17 or 15 to 14). Zooming within one level does work.
I often use this function while driving in my car and it's very annoying to re-enable centering everytime time.
Could you please fix that behavior? Thank you in advance.