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I own a pro license which I use on my old device.
Now I have a new android device, but I registered it with a new google account. (and I want to keep it this way)

So I have the following questions:
1) can I use Locus pro on the new device at the same time?
2) if not, can I move the license to the new device only?
3) I have a Jolla Phone too, which is not android at all. There are no google services in particular. Locus runs on it pretty well. Is there a way to have a pro version for it?
I am considering buying a Jolla phone, which runs SailfishOS
For quick information: it is not an Android phone, but it runs its own "Dalvik Machine" implementation ( ) and is able to run most of the Android software. Sometimes with glitches, sometimes without, and sometimes not able to run at all.

I wonder if you, Menion, or anyone else tried to run Locus on Jolla phone. I must say running Locus is critical for my phone usage :D so any information would be highly appreciated.
Troubles & Questions / map download fails
October 30, 2011, 11:38:17
UPDATE: Please read first the update section below.
I have troubles downloading google, ovi, arcGIS and openstreetmap, but not map+ or UMP-pcPL.

Process unsuccessful
Problem with downloading tiles. Check internet connection and space on SDCard and try again!
I have the following versions: pro 1.13.6 and free 1.5.1 (the last one with map+).  It happens when using either of these versions. (apart from openstreetmap downloaded from Locus 1.13.6: then it says download blocked by map provider or sth like that).
Each time it happens after 1 tile was downloaded
The new sql DB files are created in my storage, and are very small. Of course I have internet connection and lots of space on external and internal cards.

On the other hand map+ (from 1.5.1) and OSM: UMP-pcPL (from 1.13.6) work well.

Is it because of downloads being blocked or something to do with my configuration?

Note: I have reflashed a custom ROM and restored Locus by Titanium Backup. I dont' want to reinstall it from market, because the new versions have limitations. Previously I had Locus dir on both cards: internal and external. Now only the external is left (BTW: all my tracks and personal maps are gone, because I didn't know there is yet another Locus directory on the internal card!). No other problems with Locus or any other program.

I have figured out what has probably happened: I was trying to download 2-3 top zoom levels for the whole world. And I possibly selected a small area outside of the map. If I don't do it then downloading works... Perhaps the error message should be less confusing and/or problem with the `earth boundaries' should be solved.
I just upgraded my ROM and prior to this I backed up all the programs (including Locus) with Titanium Backup. I thought maps were located on the external SD card. But I was wrong: only vector maps were there. The raster maps must have been on the internal (built-in) SD card.
Titanium Backup didn't back up the maps unfortunately, so I have lost my collection :(
Is there a way to tell backup programs which directories belong to Locus?
This is a bug report.
I wanted to download map of a region. The region spans more E-W than N-S, so I rotated the map by pi/2 and selected "Download map" -> "This screen"
However, the region downloaded is different than from the one I had on the screen. It looks as if it was not rotated, that is as if the map was oriented north-on-the-top.

It is pretty annoying, as I was biking today in a region with a map only partly overlapping.

device: Samsung Galaxy Tab
system: Froyo
software: Locus Pro, current version