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I'm using locus mainly for navigation when on a bicycle. The auto screen ON is great because it saves me alot of battery. But is there any way to tell locus to make a beep-sound when the screen turns auto ON?

Too many notifications are lost because I dont look at the screen much when riding my bicycle, and I don't want to use the TTS (bicycling in town, people think I'm crazy or dumb if using TTS...). I just want a normal beep-sound when the screen turns auto-on... how?

I'm not using guiding, only navigation.
Can someone tell me if those green dots are supposed to be there? What are they?

Using latest Poland vector map with openandromaps elevate theme...


Can someone tell me how to use nogo areas when using Locus together with brouter?

I have added a new point on the map, where I don't want to go. I named this point "nogo50 test". Then I start navigation, but brouter routes me straight through this nogo point anyway. Why?

Thank you