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Sometimes tapping the DISPLAY button in the notification panel after a map download has completed is ignored. It doesn't seem to be just a matter of waiting longer for the map to be displayed as sometimes it works, sometimes not.

Troubles & Questions / map download fields need separation
« on: January 16, 2019, 00:39:44 »
There needs to be some space between the time hh:mm and the percentage of map download. See attached.

Troubles & Questions / offline address not found
« on: January 13, 2019, 06:56:34 »
An offline address is not found in the Australia > South Australia LoMap although it is correctly displayed on the map. A search for the adjoining Clark Street is correctly found.

Address not found: city=Adelaide > address=Young Street

I also question when there are multiple identical results why they are not sorted with the closest address at the top of the list? For example Corfu Court - the one 31km is displayed before the one 64m away.

And finally, what if the street name is shown on the map, but the user is unfamiliar with the location and so doesn't know what City name to type for another nearby street? It would be very helpful if the search could maybe have some button or menu to provide the current City name itself rather than the user having to guess the name. If there is no current solutions do you think it is worth me splitting these ideas into separate help topics?

This is not recent but only just got around to recording the behavior. Observe the orange button flash erratically half way through the video. 100% reproducible on old phone, new phone, tablet.

Troubles & Questions / Gradient chart artifact when zoomed in
« on: November 06, 2018, 07:23:47 »
config.cfg gui_track_screen_chart_vertical_scale=0

Troubles & Questions / ruler is truncated in beta
« on: October 29, 2018, 11:15:50 »
Using config.cfg with
  • dev_gui_main_rescale_value=1.1
  • map_scale_font_size=35.0 (but possibly earlier versions too):

3.33.2 pro:

I don't recall this being an issue in earlier versions.

Recently I had a tiny strip of coastal map I had overlooked to download the corresponding BRouter RD5 file for. When routing through this part of the map Locus correctly detects missing RD5 file & offers to download, but tapping the Download arrow does nothing. I tried multiple times. No errors or notifications. When I downloaded via the BRouter app Locus was again happy.

I have noticed the Route Planner right side panel is sometimes completely blank (no buttons or text displayed) after tapping the Clear Planner button. It doesn't happen most of the time & not sure how to reproduce.

I have noticed this on a few occasions, not just latest beta or Pro. Using Route Planner I create a new route. Sometimes the track time is incorrectly displayed as 427425 minutes instead of 0 minutes. Below - 4 new tracks created one after another with similar workflow, so why inconsistent track times:

Maybe the 427425 minutes is -1 or some incorrectly set special value?

Troubles & Questions / Track name not updated after edit
« on: September 27, 2018, 00:32:36 »
Track list > Track > Edit info > modify NAME > SAVE > observe that name at top of screen is not updated

I don't think this is recent bug/ version specific. Just not reported.

Troubles & Questions / crash selecting Backup directory
« on: August 13, 2018, 12:40:31 »
Locus Pro 3.32.2 - settings > Misc > Default Directories > crash when I select a new Backup directory /storage/emulated/0/Download/Locus/ although an identical selection process works perfect for the Export directory. I also observe the directory selection UI is different for the two - why? Export directory selection uses simple "file explorer" UI whereas Backup directory selection uses elaborate graphics with file cabinet picture. See uploaded YouTube video of crash

Troubles & Questions / allow deletion of unconfirmed notifications
« on: August 11, 2018, 00:53:56 »
Below are screen captures of unconfirmed notifications. When I tap the Delete button I get the message that I need to confirm & delete. I can appreciated there are arguments for and against being overly cautious to not accidentally delete but I would argue to just allow users to delete unconfirmed notifications without having to swipe. I had a situation where I had multiple attempts to download elevation data, so lots of notifications. Why have the Delete button at all if you have to swipe individually?

Troubles & Questions / can't download elevation data from store
« on: August 11, 2018, 00:44:20 »
I successfully bought & downloaded a new LoMap. When I now attempt to download the elevation data:

I get an unhelpful programmer-style message below:

When I manually check with a file manager the file in question /0/Locus/data/srtm/S26E109.hgt it is indeed zero bytes in length. This file corresponds with the Indian Ocean:

There is sufficient free disc space. The folder is in default location. This file would not have previously been in the folder before download as it is a new map; so Locus Pro has created this zero byte file. Any suggestions?

Recently I wanted a map from the LoStore but didn't have a wifi connection.

This screen is good (tells the user the problem in plain language):

This one is OK although tech details could be hidden from most users:

But this one (what was actually displayed) had me pretty confused as to why I couldn't access the LoStore:

until I realized I didn't actually have a proper Wifi connection. The message was quite confusing. Can it be improved?

Troubles & Questions / invalid time of Last GPS Fix
« on: June 13, 2018, 03:20:03 »
Tested with Locus Pro 3.31.0 & 3.31.1
Note below Last GPS Fix:

This field is not always reliable, and Locus no longer detects in a timely manner when GPS fixes are lost.

To demonstrate: I obtain valid GPS fixes then put the phone in a faraday cage (eg. microwave oven!) to ensure there are no further fixes/ GPS signals but the time will still increment for a further 15 seconds or so before a lost GPS notification is observed (heard). The Last GPS Fix field cannot be real/ possible. The time should immediately stop if no signal is received.

I made this simple test to demonstrate a more real-life experience when the phone was taken inside my home but over 10 minutes later there was still no lost GPS notification - GPS icon on main screen was still green. No Wifi or cellular radio was on/ enabled at the time either. I then turned on the display and a few seconds later there was a lost GPS notification and the GPS icon turned orange. It could not just be a coincidence.

Unfortunately and maybe this is Android "fooling"/ telling Locus there are valid location updates? In which case there may be few/ no options to improve the situation.

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