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Tools / Higher resolution elevation data
March 22, 2016, 20:32:07
Hi there,

I've got a question, there is quite high-resolution elevation data available for Austria, and I managed to get it loaded in GlobalMapper (see screenshot for a difference between existing hgt files I have vs the high-resolution ones).

As I have no experience with GIS whatsoever I wanted to ask:

1. Are there benefits to using these in Locus, or does it have its own limitation regarding resolution? (e.g. for the slope shading)
2. Can anyone tell me how this should be exported to be usable? I can apparently export it in SRTM 1" and 3" .hgt files which makes me wonder if this reduces that resolution or if it keeps it?

Maybe someone familiar with all this GIS magic can help me.

Thanks a lot,
Troubles & Questions / Swiss Topo max zoom level?
September 30, 2015, 12:59:50
Hi there,

Not sure if this is a bug but if I zoom into downloaded swiss topo maps the max zoom level it displays correctly (interlaken area) is up to scale 2km. If I then zoom in, most tiles are missing.

I assume that this is not normal?
Hi there,

I'm right now looking for 2 types of POIs:

a) Parking Lots
b) drinking water sources (while hiking)

I noticed that OSM (I'm looking at openandromaps at the moment) includes those already partially. However, those points are only selectable through the theme and are not imported as waypoints.

Is there a something so I can hilight parking lots or other particular points if they are features of the map? Or how does this work?
Is it possible to extract these OSM pois somehow so I can filter them in the POI list?
Or does anyone have POI sources for parking lots and water sources?

Thanks a lot,
Gibts da auch was das mit Locus funktioniert?

Troubles & Questions / WMS Maps Legend
February 21, 2015, 17:33:31
Hi there,

I'm not sure which maps do support an embedded kind of legend and if/how it is possible to show this in Locus - I did not find anything.

Since WMS maps do support legend info, is it possible to show this somehow?

Thank you,
Troubles & Questions / WMS Maps and Transparency
February 18, 2015, 13:20:49
Hi there,

First of all, I'm aware of:

However, I've got the following WMS Service:

The Layer "Tourenkarte Neigung" is meant as a slope gradient map for ski touring in my area (see screenshot below)
The problem with it is that it of course is meant (and only makes sense as) an overlay, not an individual map.

And my question is: How can I make use of it?

Is the provider to blame that they do not support transparency? However, if they would, wouldn't this be a fixed opacity setting which is rather useless?
In QuoVadis and other mapping apps I can use any map I want as overlay, and select the opacity and transparency color myself. I think this would make a lot of sense in such a scenario..

Or is there another way?

Edit: Tried in Oruxmaps, seems it is working there
Troubles & Questions / No Navigation Sounds?
February 18, 2015, 10:53:30
Hi there,

I'm currently trying some of 0709's tcx files with the morse code tts file.
I noticed that I do not get any voice output apart from "Let's go" for all kinds of navigation.

I'm not sure what the problem could be but note that I am trying it without GPS reception by following
the track to simulate it. It works as far as the directional arrows show up in the top left, but no voice
if I get near a course point or a junction in the "on the fly" navigation mode (not sure how this is called, if I calculate the route directly in locus for testing).

If I enable the notification settings (Waypoints, Out of track, Next Point) in the Guiding Menu, output seems to work for Guiding Mode. But how do I enable this in Navigate?

Anyone got a clue?
Hi there,

I've exported a map with QuoVadis 7 (Hangneigungskarte Alpen) and am trying to import it into locus maps so I can
use it as an overlay.

If  I want to load it I get:
Invalid data, mapDataOffset 0, zoomLevels 5

what did I do wrong here?

Thank you,