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I recently bought Locus Pro at AndroidPit AppCenter (twice). First time i started up Locus Pro getting a message that this software isn't licensed properly (in german version the text of this message is: "Diese Anwendung ist nicht lizenziert. Bitte kaufen Sie die Anwendung aus dem Android Market."). At the same time i get a popup-message "ERROR_COMMUNICATING_WITH_APPCENTER".

The only solution by AndroidPit-support was to check for usage of current AppCenter-version (which i did all the time). I know that i am not alone with this issue when looking into the (german) comments in AndroidPit: see <//>

I'm not sure what mechanism it is that forces this message to show up. At first i decided to reinstall the software which ended up in rebuying it in the AppCenter. before this i deleted all Locus-Content on SD-Card.
After this procedure all went fine...

...till the next day, when suddenly the same error appeared again.
I then started the AppCenter-Software again and after this i could successfully start up Locus Pro.
This happened more and more often and i am afraid, that Locus is getting unreliable if AppCenter has to validate it's license before usage online. In case this would mean, that offline usage of Locus Pro in areas without network can become dubious.

If this problem won't stop i will go back using the standard Locus-Version as my ad-blocker helps me with this a lot -- sorry. This issue relies on the need for a third-party appstore, as my primary Google-Account is a "Google Apps for Business"-account and i couldn't use this for any purchases in the Market. Even the price for Lcus Pro at AndroidPit isn't any better than in the Market.

I am sorry for this long text, but tried to explain it as clearly as possible.
Hello all!
Yes, now i do remember what was another reason for me finally buying the superb Pro-Version of Locus: Locating contacts adress never really worked for me in the ad-version so far. Now i did clean install on Pro-version and afterwards reinstalled the contacts-addon...
...still setting my adresses waypoint to default coordinates N1°0.000'|E1°0.000' naming it "GeoData".

Who else got into this problem?
Maybe it's not a problem with resolving the adress by interconnected google search but got to do with my motorola-adressbook (would'nt be the first time error issues are based on this). I will try on a desire next time.