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It is now quite sure that Locus Map 4 will be available in three versions - free (similar to the current LM Free version), subscription 1 (with approx the same features as of today's LM Pro) and subscription 2 with the full range of features and services.

After quite a long argument and numerous suggestions, our team has voted for the following triad:

Plain (free version)
Hill (subscription 1)
Mountain (subscription 2)

Before we take it officially, we would like to know the opinion of the native English speaking members of this forum, e.g. @john_percy or @Andrew Heard:

Does this naming make sense? Isn't it weird or funny or whatever that should prompt us to make up something different?

Thanks for your replies.

A Locus user reported that it is not possible to run Locus on this phone - it is always killed by OS when running in background - despite battery optimization is off, Locus excluded from any optimization modes. Does anybody here have any tips how to keep Locus running on this device? Thanks.

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