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Themes - Vector maps / Train/Metro station icon
« on: February 07, 2015, 17:28:28 »
Train/Metro station icon.

As mostly these days I am a commuter then a hiker, living in and visiting big cities I found out as using offline maps with Locus Pro there are no Train/Metro stations icons on default db base, only train/metro stations names which are very hard to locate in terms of planning a trip in unknown environment.

As using default Locus city theme and zooming out we can find out for instance how many churches are in cities such London etc. but there is lack of main transportation links which are trains (including metro), when every bus stop is beautifully enabled.

Personally I am okay with places of worship but in my mind there are too many of them (places like London) on daily basis on default db file making a map less readable.

Is it any way to edit manually Locus Themes and get rid of church icon and bring to live Train/metro station one?

Using OpenAndroMaps Elegant City theme Stations are visible, same on online OSM maps.

Also, is it any chance to separate icon design for Rail and Metro? As they don't differ using db POI 'around you'.
But I assume as OSM don't separate it means you can't, can you?


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