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Hi Menion
Locus working well
A possible glitch in map rotation ( or maybe a possible glitch in my understanding, could also be why someone else had problems)

Using Locus Pro v1.6.1
  Lock portrait mode on
  map rotation offset portrait = 0

If Condition 1 = (
  Map rotation = ON
  Use hardware compass = OFF
  Auto Change = ON
  Speed Change = 1m/s )
   when stopped - last track up is oriented to display top
   when moving - track up is oriented to display top

If Condition 2 = (
  Map rotation = ON
  Use hardware compass = ON
  Auto Change = ON
  Speed Change = 1m/s )
   when stopped - map north is oriented to display top
   when moving - map north is oriented to display top

I like the behaviour of condition 1 so please don't change it, as now that I have found how to get track up to the top of the display it is the one I mainly use.  

But I sort of expected that for condition 2 that;
  when stopped - map north would always be aligned to compass north ie the map would rotate as you rotate the device
  when moving (> than set speed) - track up would be display up
My way of thinking confused me when I was trying to set it to track up, and may have caused the other poster problems also

Wishlist option;
  waypoint edit - a way to copy /move waypoints to another catagory.

  you may find google maps etc more willing to share if the map caching/save is turned off for google etc.  This would be no good to me as I am often outside data range (and can't afford date costs) but it would allow online use in metropolitan areas to at least view and use google maps etc.

Kind regards
Troubles & Questions / Lost scale bar
April 17, 2011, 12:07:41
Hi I have lost my scale bar on the map, even through the show scale bar is selected, any suggestions of how to get it back?
Thanks Stuart
Implemented / Track Waypoints and menu
April 10, 2011, 09:05:40
Hi Menion,
thanks for the track updates in 1.4, I'm now running with the bought version only, and it works well.  
I have a couple small wishes for track and waypoint handling, that I think might make it easier,

    1) I find that to start guiding from the map display is a little difficult, (probably my fat fingers and the phone). Would it be possible to start this from the menus  ie.  
          1a) Maybe an extra button (or expand the compass button) on the right hand menu to start a guiding sub menu ( guide on,  guide off, guide forward, guide back, nearest point , guide to waypoint, guide by compass... ) sort of like the menu that pops up when you write a track manually.    
         1b) Maybe you could also add it as a couple of extra choices, for when you are starting it from the tracks manage display that now has a map option but could also include track forward and track back so that it can go straight to the map in guiding mode, sort of like you can now do for waypoints from your mange waypoint menus.
         1c ) in the compass guiding mode, add a menu option to guide to select a waypoint or track guide so that it cam also be started from the compass display directly

    2) I haven't thought about how to do this one, but a way to be able to create a track directly from the waypoints list not just from the map display,
   maybe just a simple create track by waypoint that just allows you to choose next waypoint, and loops until you are at the final waypoint

Regards Stuart
Implemented / Active track route
April 01, 2011, 14:00:52
Hi Menion,
Firstly, I have been trying out your app, it is very good, if I can work out how this market thing works I will buy the paid one.
I have looked but can not find how to guide along a track;
ie after creating the first track point (poi), second track point , third point ...etc.. that make up a track/route
have locus guide point me to the first point then after arriving switch to guiding/point me to the second, and then to the third and so on.  
It would be nice to be able to store this route, and run it in reverse so I can return to my start.
I should add I am trying to do this offline as I am often in places with poor reception and no data signal, so was looking for a simple offline multiple  point to points
Kind regards Stuart