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Troubles & Questions / x10 Augmented reality
March 30, 2011, 19:14:20
hi need some help plz, using a X10i runing [ROM] CM 6.1.3 V053 Full Camera fix [27-03-11] [Tweaked+Theme+Extras]
managed to download my offline maps fine and import around 50,000 poi's, takes a lil while to load bit once loaded seems to run fine, having trouble with the AR feature tho, it loads the camera fine and the radar showing where poi's are but no icon/logo overlay displayed on camera
note was runnning lower rom version  CM 6.1.3 V050 but camera in AR feature would be stripped/distorted, used xrecovery to install custom update for camera fix relating to ROM, and camera loads ok now but was woundering weather this possibly was the root of problem, i have tried loading only a few nearby poi's to see if it was that it couldnt handle the 50k but this still dosent work, and i have a gps fix when in the AR feature which ive read can sometimes be causing issues but my satalite icon in top right stays there.

Any help would be much appreciated even a fellow x10i user who could confirm it does work and possibly could tell me what firmware ROM there using, thanks