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The top and bottom Locus panels look to big for me. Can I adjust their size? Is there a setting for this in Locus, or may be some XML file to edit?

Troubles & Questions / Backup and restore didn't work for me
« on: September 28, 2012, 16:39:53 »
Hi Menion,

I'm very happy with Locus Pro user for 18 month now, but recently I ran into a slight trouble with it.

I made a backup of all my tracks and poi using Locus  Backup manager. But when I tried to restore it back to Locus on my new device, it showed me the message "you have to restart application", but it didn't restore any points or tracks! I made the backup and restore operations using the same latest version of Locus.

Here is the link to my backup so you can test it yourself: ... VczX2p2Y2s

Troubles & Questions / scheme map of a city in locus
« on: September 09, 2011, 12:14:24 »
I have a jpeg file with a scheme map of a city, which doesn't correspond to the geographical data. If you look on this map ( ... st&id=2964) and then to the corresponding place in google ( you will see that the line of the shore goes absolutely wrong way etc. So it's impossible to make a true locus offline map from it. Still this map can be used to find the needed address in the city and for that city it's the only map available (great many of Russian cities have only such maps — neither Yandex nor Google don't have detailed maps of them).

IS there any way to display such scheme-maps in Locus?

Troubles & Questions / Issues with maps downloading
« on: July 14, 2011, 07:51:01 »
Hi, Menion!

I have encountered two issues when trying do download a map. I'm using Locus Pro 1.9.0.
1. I selected a path and choosed the Online shared map. But during the download my device became not responsive (this happens to it at times), so I unplugged the battery and plugged it again. When I started Locus again, I found that my download is lost, also the path I selected is also lost, and the worse: the whole cache of that map (Yandex) became corrupted, so I couldn't use Yandex maps in Locus until I renamed the old cache file. Could you:
 a. add opportunity to save the path, which I select to download the map
 b. somehow protect the existing map cache during the download of the new part

2. Then I created a new path and saved it. I then tried to download a map to that path, but I found that the path I created manually and the path, Locus wanted to download map to were not the same: it was like Locus has dropped some of the points from the original path. (On the screenshot the blue line is the path I created, and the pink one — the path, Locus wanted actually to download map files to)

Troubles & Questions / Locus and DroidWall
« on: March 30, 2011, 12:49:33 »
I use DroidWall to prevent apps going to the internet when I'm on GPRS.
I added both offical Maps and Locus Pro to the white list, so that both of them can use the internet. Maps work OK, search, address loading etc works good.

If I disable the firewall, Locus works OK on GPRS. But with firewall enabled in Locus both search address loading don't work for me when on GPRS. But the "Compute route" works OK even with firewall enabled! So some parts of the Locus can access internet through the firewall and others can't :)

Troubles & Questions / "Add new route" tool little issues
« on: March 29, 2011, 10:18:10 »
1. I add two points and Locus calculates the distance between them: 321m
and then I use the Compute route tool
[attachment=0:3senspsv]locus-track-computed.png[/attachment:3senspsv]Still the the distance between the points remains the same: 321m. Could you please update that information on the screen, so one could see the correct length of his path? This would be very helpful in route planning: I could see, that if I go this way, there would be say 1 km route length.

2. Always when I start the Compute route tool, I get the dialog, where I have to choose the type of the route. Could you please add an option to remember the choice? This could save many taps, when adding a large route

Today I bought the Locus Pro version and I'm really happy about it, because this app is far better than all other navigation apps I have seen on the market.

Still, I have an issue with the guiding tool: Locus wants me to go through the river! :)


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