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Often, you don't need something fancy - just some generic markers. Built-in, Locus only offers down arrows, crosses, dots (open and filled) and traingles in 4 colors. And low-res.
I took some time to make tons of icons in better resolution, different sizes and many colors. Please use the attached iconpacks freely (CC BY SA 3.0):

  • Arrows: Arrows in 8 directions (up, down, left, right and in-between), 4 sizes and 10 colors.
  • Dots & Crosses: Dots, Donuts (dots w/hole), crosses (X's) and some extras, in 3-4 sizes and ca. 17 colors.
  • Markers: Google-style balloon pins (with and w/o star), needles in 3 sizes, pushpins in 4 sizes, all in ca. 16 colors
  • Flags: All ISO country flags plus dependent territories and some subdivisions (like Scotland, Wales, etc.), but just as-is (no border or anything)
All packs apart from "Flags" have English and German sections and tooltips (long tap).

@Menion: Feel free to replace internal low-res icons. Also, please add to the store - free, of course. Thx!

Update: Now I did improve the flags, with continents as sections and tooltips, adding some missing ones. While they're also free to use, I would however not like to see them in the Locus store, because some descriptions may be politically, well, difficult (eg. Palestine).
Free chat / Best phones regarding GPS
December 12, 2018, 11:11:26
I thought there was already a thread for this, but couldn't find it, definitely not recently, so I'll start a new one:
What phones you own have the best GPS quality (with Locus)?
I'm especially interested in experiences of people with several phones.
I personally have owned a bunch of Samsung Galaxys over the years - but surprisingly enough, my cheap Moto G5 has not only the best precision (although not necessarily better than the newer Samsungs), but combine that with the best battery performance by far! In flight mode, I can easily record for 6hrs and still have around 50% battery left. I'm actually not sad that my most expensive phone (Galaxy S9) is much worse in this regard, as I prefer to take another phone outdoors anyway, but it's still weird.
What are your experiences?
After the release of 3.29 I wondered if there is a somewhere on the forum where Menion informs about the "Next Big Things" planned for Locus. I didn't find anything - I also filtered the Helpdesk list of Ideas for "Planned", but that only shows fairly minor stuff (<10 votes). So I'm starting this thread  ;)
I know, such a list would always feel at least partly like a commitment to some new feature. I can gather a few things from the discussions in the "current version thread" and from the Beta version (like track statistics customizable with dashboards). Still, I think it would be possible to, like, give a list of the next 3-5 bigger tasks that are planned or already in progress.

And I admit, I'd also like to ask about my personal and everyone else's favorite (by far most votes): Database sync (
The cloud storage part of that is now more or less done, but there's no current statement about the sync. And even if some of the voters may be happy with backup-to-cloud only, I'm sure that a majority is still hoping for a real sync...
Opinions welcome!  :)