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Hi Menion, where can I find the file which contains the TTS strings which you send to the TTS engine? I would like to change them to German language.
Thank you
Hallo zusammen, habe bei Tomtom noch kein Set für deutsche Navigationsstimmen gefunden. Hat jemand einen link für mich ?
Danke Matthias
Hallo zusammen, schon länger sehe ich beim Anklicken von Tracks im Auswahlmenü "Züruck führen". Danke für Korrektur.
Dear menion,

after all those great improvements you made and still make on recording and guiding on tracks, I have an other whish....
Could you implement a selectable "auto nearest point" mode (in settings??) , so when driving a car you do not have to select the nearest point, when you come back to track again? For hiking it is perfect today! But if you drive a car, this would help, to look at the traffic ;-)

Thanks al lot
Dear Menion,

thank you for 1.5 including the new feature to save points while recording a track. I have two whishes:

1) I really would love to see these points in the chartview, to find out about speed or altitude at that locations.
2) can you add the possibility to store a point marked in a track to the POIs?

Hi Menion,
thanks a lot for the release 1.3 Pro / 1.302 One thing I have seen:

- If I record a track and
- then change into the chart view (while recording),
- then switch between speed / altitude
- then jump back to the map view,
--> the map isn't following the current position anymore.

If you touch the screen, it hopps to the actual position and stays there....

I have seen this in @ 1.2 too.
To show speed and altitude in one chart, I would like the altitudeaxis to be places on one side and the speedaxis on the other side.
Implemented / Trackback
April 01, 2011, 18:14:33
What I was thinking of is to select a recorded track,
than the option popps up.
Today you have one cracking option to switch on or off.

I would like to have two options for guiding:

- one like today, track to the end of the track,
- and a new one, to track to the beginning of the track.