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Hi. I am trying to use the following custom online map source in an attempt to use it as an overlay on top of another map, yet trying to view it in a "standalone" mode for the sake of testing:
Code: [Select]
<provider id="10191" type="0" visible="true" background="-1">
    <attribution><![CDATA[<a href="">Terms of use</a>]]></attribution>
    <extraHeader><![CDATA[Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:7.0.1) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/7.0.1]]></extraHeader>

Locus attempts to load the map, yet shows all the tiles as "Not exists". Being 100% sure the params in the xml above are correct (tested using custom mobac map source), i've recorded a pcap of the locus network communication. Seems like Locus is receiving the tiles after all. See ... tered.pcap for an example of one such tile being fetched by Locus. I've copied the data from pcap and un-gz-ed it, this is, indeed, a blank, transparent png file. Obviously, not all of them are blank, but this sample one is.

Any idea what's wrong?

Troubles & Questions / Locus - track recording service broken ?
« on: December 13, 2011, 22:33:38 »
I know it did work for me before, and i have no idea when did it go broken, but it totally seems like the GPS auto off function + track recording service no longer work together for me. I've set the intervals to 0 meters, 0 seconds in the recording options, max. accuracy to 100 meters, GPS update interval in the GPS auto off to 15 seconds (yes, i know this is too fast, but it's good for testing), min accuracy there to 50 meters, max search time to 20 seconds (it is long enough, i've got the AGPS data updated). Starting the recording inside the main app works, the GPS locks very quickly, then the GPS goes off, and keeps turning on every 15 seconds, as expected, but... closing the main app, leaving just the service running, causes it to no longer turn the GPS on, ever.

NOTE: This is unrelated to power management, it still happens, even if i force the screen to stay on all the time.

Developers / An intent to start/stop track recording ?
« on: November 26, 2011, 22:04:59 »
Having an option to start/stop track recording via intent broadcast would allow tasker or a similar app integration without much coding needed on the Locus side. And this, in turn, can allow some interesting user-side stuff, such as turning the logging on automatically while using a GPS nav app, turning the logging off when the battery is below a certain level, etc etc etc. Obviously, a proper way of doing such an integration would be coding a tasker plugin (more info here), but i guess that's really kinda too much to ask :-)

Thanks in advance.

Implemented / Disable GPS between points while logging
« on: July 18, 2011, 23:34:38 »

I know this may sound like a strange request, but this actually makes sense on some devices, such as HD2 running Android, or any others that draw a lot of current while the GPS is on, staying on a partial wake lock even with a time period between the fixes is set to a number of minutes.

IMHO, this should be fairly easy to implement and would give HD2 users (and maybe many other users, too) a pretty good option for long run low precision GPS logs, that should be still perfectly good for stuff like geotagging.

Troubles & Questions / POI import
« on: March 31, 2011, 22:03:28 »
What POI formats can locus pro import ?

NOTE: I did try searching the forum, try searching for "import POI" or "import points" and you will get what i mean :(

I've tried converting some ozi maps into tar files, supposedly identical to the ones resulted by following this manual. Locus is able to show the maps, yet the calibrations is totally off,to an extent i kinda suppose it is not even being read. For example Bat Yam location on this map, checked by scrolling to it and long-tapping on it is approx N1.479xE1.153, while in reality its more like N32.019xE34.744 !!!

I am attaching the offending .map (rar-ed, the forum wont let me attach .map as it is), please help if possible.


Tools / Batch converting ozfx files to locus
« on: March 23, 2011, 00:21:12 »
I've made a little bat file to convert multiple ozfx files to locus tar files without user interaction and though it may be useful for others as well, so i've decided to post it here. Let me know if posting something like this is considered wrong for whatever reason.

Tools used:
 * ozf2img v1.1
 * imagemagick convert v 6.6.8-5 (Q8), renamed to imconvert.exe
 * tar (unknown version, whatever runs under my win32)

 * Make sure the tools mentioned above are accessible on your %path%
 * Copy the ozfx files together with the corresponding map files into a separate directory
 * Execute the bat below from inside this directory

Bat file code:
Code: [Select]
@echo off

:: run on all map files and convert those
for %%i in (*.map) do (
    call :convert %%i
    if errorlevel 1 echo Error !
    if errorlevel 1 exit /b 1
goto :eof

:: single map conversion function
    :: params
    set mapfile=%1
    set mapdir=%~n1
    set tarfile=%mapdir%.tar

    :: convert the map image into png
    echo Extracting image from %mapfile%...
    ozf2img.exe -i%mapfile% > NUL || exit /b 1
    :: crop the image into tiles, erase the big image
    echo Generating %mapdir% tiles...
    mkdir %mapdir% || exit /b 1
    imconvert *.png -crop 250x250 -set filename:fn "%%[fx:page.x/250+1000]_%%[fx:page.y/250+1000]" +repage %mapdir%%%[filename:fn].png
    if errorlevel 1 exit /b 1
    del *.png || exit /b 1
    :: rename the tiles
    cd %mapdir%
    for %%n in (????_????.png) do call :rename %%n || exit /b 1
    cd ..

    :: tar tiles and map, kill the tiles dir
    echo Packing %tarfile%...
    tar -c %mapfile% %mapdir%/* > %tarfile% || exit /b 1
    rmdir /q /s %mapdir% || exit /b 1
goto :eof

set fn=%1
ren %1 %fn:~1,3%_%fn:~6,3%.%fn:~10,3% || exit /b 1
goto :eof

Troubles & Questions / Converting ozi map + zoom
« on: March 22, 2011, 02:50:42 »
I've tried to search the FAQ + forum but could not find an answer on this. How do i convert an oziexplorer map and still keep the ability to zoom the map in/out ? I know ozi files contain multiple zoom levels of the same map (usually just the same raster image resized), but how do i extract them all and feed them in in a way locus would use them ?

NOTE: I've seen the "extract the image, split it into tiles and tar it together with .map" guide, whoever is about to send me there, please re-read my question.

Well, obviously, this is may not be easy, but this forum dir is called a "wishlist", isn't it  ;)

How about using a jpg image from a camera (or any jpg image at all) as a map + letting the user calibrate it by marking a few known points while hiking ? This would allow one to take a picture of a map "in the field", for example, at the hiking trail entry, and use it straight away as a map.

PS: This is not a request, just a wish, a feature that would be really nice to have  ;)

Implemented / online maps
« on: March 20, 2011, 00:32:13 »
I've just discovered the Locus Pro application posted on a warez site (yea, i know, i know, and it's my first post, but don't kill me, i do buy android apps if i end up liking them since the price is usually very reasonable  ;) ), downloaded it and went on trying it. First of all - nice app. What really seems to differentiate this app from other similar ones is the amount of map sources and an ability to download an area of an online map onboard. There is one map source i have yet to encounter on a similar app, missing on this one as well, the maps. I wonder if it would be hard for the devs to add it, together with the POIs from there and the downloading the maps/pois for the offline usage, just like with the rest of the sources.

PS: if is added, i am sooooo buying it  :)

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