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Hello, I love your app - it is absolutely the most awesome mapping app out there except for one problem with HTC HD2 phones using Android:
When my screen turns off, the GPS turns off too, so I can't use it for recording at all. When I turn on the screen again the GPS turns back on but the GPS does not lock and I need to go into the GPS screen of Locus, turn GPS off, then turn it on again to get another lock.

I have tested the app Cardio Trainer on the same phone (HTC HD2 - Hyperdroid GBX v8 ) and the Cardio Trainer app does not have the same problem - ie. the GPS stays on, locked and recording all the time when the screen is off, so I know for sure that it is a software problem and not a problem with the phone or ROM. Other HD2 users, with other mods of Android have reported the same problem with Locus but no problem with other apps like Cardio Trainer and Radardroid.

Please fix it so we can all enjoy using your great app too!