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Hello! There is a bug(?) which is exists in any releases till now.
It cause permanent location error ~25km to notrh (even if restart the application), if use OFFLINE yandex.maps after usage of any ONLINE maps except yandex.maps

How you can simulate it:
1) switch to online
3) exit application, then start it again
4) save offline map of your region using source
5) exit application, then start it again
6) switch to online
7) exit application, then start it again
8) switch to offline - Voila! - we have location error 25 km to north. The error is permanent, it exists even if restart the application.

To make location correct back, we need to do those steps:
1) switch to online
2) exit application, then start it again
3) switch to offline
now, we have correct location at offline, but offline became with error 25km to south  :o

ps. gps was always on and send my coordinates when i do all steps listed above - i don't know, maybe it matters.

Thanks for fix! :)
Under review / Please add "traffic" layer
March 11, 2011, 11:34:22
It will be great if Locus will support road traffic layer, from google.maps and/or yandex.maps.