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Ich habe auf der Karte sehr große Infos zum Track, die ich aber nichtangezeigt bekommen möchte. Kann mir bitte jemand sagen, wie ich die weg bekomme? Danke

das DLR hat ein Höhenmodell der Erde mit einer Genauigkeit von einem Meter erstellt. Siehe Die Daten sollen kostenlos zur Verfügung stehen. Ich habe leider keine Ahnung,  aber vielleicht hilft die Info hier jemandem und man kann damit neue Höhendaten (SRTM) für Locus erzeugen?!

Grüße Jochen

unter ist eine gute Karte zu finden.  Kann mir jemand helfen,  wie man diese Karten in Locus einbinden kann um sie auch offline nutzen zu können.  Habe schon andere Karten über die provider.xml eingebunden.  Aber die vielen Parameter...

Vielen Dank Jochen
Troubles & Questions / Android Open Source (AOSP)
January 27, 2014, 15:04:15
The new BlackBerry OS 10 include a Android runtime based an Android 4.2.2. Using this runtime Android apps are able to run in a BlackBerry 10 phone.
Does Locus use only AOSP or  additional APIs? In other words: is it possible to use Locus in a BlackBerry mobile phone running OS10?
Habe heute erstmals das Overlay mit den Hangneigungskarten in outdooractve gesehen. Kennt jemand eine Möglichkeit, dass als Layer für die Vektorkarten in Locus zu nutzen? Wäre super für Skitouren oder MTB touren.
Gruß Jochen
Maps / Openmtbmap as map or overlay
July 02, 2012, 21:35:39
Openmtbmap shows special tracks for people who ride MTB.

 Is it possible to see the data/routes from openmtbmap in the cycle-map as well? Do I need to adapt the theme and integrate mtb:scale and mtb:description? Or has the map not the necessary data for this?

Is it possible to create a map overlay?
Themes - Vector maps / [Theme] OSM Cyclo
May 15, 2012, 22:11:40
Does anybody created a cylcle theme like OSM Cyclo and is willing to share it?

I tried to create a theme with vector map and overlay for cycleroutes provided here viewtopic.php?f=43&t=1876. But I failed.
Thank you

I live along the border of Germany and Austria. It would be very useful to see more than one vectormap at the time. With mapforge 0.3 it should be possible to show more than one map. What is to do to select 2 or more maps in locus?

Thanks pit
Themes - Vector maps / Custom rendering style
March 30, 2012, 18:37:42

with Locus 2.2.0 it is possible to use custom rendering styles in Locus. But there is only one style "osmarender" to choose. How to get a different style?
Tools / SRTM files
March 05, 2012, 19:45:26

I read about "offline altitude calculation from SRTM files is implemented as most wanted Idea on getSatisfaction ... (and bonus is direct automatic download of missing files from internet)" as a new feature. But I don't find a possibility to load the SRTM files in Locus. Can anyone give me a hint? Thank you

more and more download possibilities for maps disappear for locus user, because of the traffic they produce on the server. One the other hand there are lots of possibilities to download OSM maps in garmin .img format can be found in internet. If Locus could support these .img formats for open maps this would be really very helpful. Do not support import of Garmin native maps (Maps bought from i.e. Garmin and "locked" to a special GPS device). This could cause a lot of trouble with the map providers.

Thanks a lot for locus
Locus PRO user
Troubles & Questions / two vector maps in display
September 09, 2011, 16:30:12

I'm living on the boarder of two german federal lands. And I'm using vector maps for navigation. Locus can display only one vector map at the time. But if you are walking along the boarder of two federal lands you have to switch maps every 15 min. I know that there is a switch to change maps quickly, but anyhow if it would be possible to show two different maps simultaniosly in display it would be much easier to navigate.

Thx pit
Troubles & Questions / Wanderreit Map Tile Download
September 09, 2011, 16:22:22

the administrator of wanderreit map ( says Locus is not using the approbriate format for downloading tiles from the server. Allowed is only one tile. Locus is downloading two tiles simuntaniosly. Therefore downloading is extremly slow and downloads stop very often. Please change to only one tile.

Thx pit
Under review / New map FreieTonne
March 08, 2011, 22:08:00

Thanks for this great app!!! I really appreciate your work.

Is it possible to get online access to the FreieTonne map