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Troubles & Questions / IGN France: How to open the map?
« on: August 07, 2017, 14:53:20 »
I purchased today a one year-subscriptioon of the IGN maps.

Hoever, I did not find any way to open these maps. In Locus Store there is only the information that my subscription is valid.

In the map selection dialog I can not find any entry for the IGN maps.

What I'm doing wrong?


I can not find the IGN maps anymore  in the Locus Store.

Are they still available? Where can I find it?


Troubles & Questions / Manual calibration of altitude?
« on: April 05, 2014, 21:25:46 »
I have problems with the manual calibration of the altitude


1. My device (Garmin Monterra) has a pressure sensor and I want to use this sensor to track the altitude.
2. At known points (start, fix measure points) I like to calibrate the sensor with the known value.

I'm using the following settings in locus altitude manager:


Use altitude offset = off
Use pressure sensor =  on
elevation data = not activated

2. Pressure sensor

I'm trying to use the altitude field in this dialog to calibrate the altitude. I use i.e. the correct value of 150m and press the Set-Button. It takes some time ("Load...").

If I'm starting  now a track or something Locus will still start with another value of the altitude which seems to be the wrong GPS altitude (in my example about 206m).

What I'm doing wrong ?

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