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Troubles & Questions / Problem with automated loading of RMAPs
« on: July 02, 2019, 10:41:52 »
Hello, I have a Problem with automated loading of RMAPs again (I believe, it has been solved just 2 or 3 updates before).

The RMAPs load, but not allways. Sometimes I must zoom in a lot, sometimes they disappear to early, and so on. Look here: Video 1:24 min.

Please repair before August, 30th ;-) (Start of the Expedition)

Here are some of the RMAPs for analysis and tests:

My standard is to start track recording automatically after starting Locus. But when I play around at home or so, I want to stop recording before it starts tracking.

After one of the latest updates, the option to stop track recording is only visible the half of the time normally allowed. This is because the count down starts already with the time bar in the middle (Video 16 sec).

May be it depends on the time the initialization needs to pass. I have a lot of maps and tracks to load, witch takes time, ok. But then the countdown to break the track recording shoud start only after that initialization prozess.

Even more frustating is it when GPS is off. The the blue warning is over that button, and you have to wait, until it disappears. But than it is too late (video 26 sec).
Here I would wish to have a sound that warns of "GPS off", instead of the blue written warning. Or / or and, the blue written warning should be perhaps in the middle of the screen, so it does not appear over the track recording count down.

Locus 3.38.7, Android 7.1.1, MIUI

Bis vor kurzem hatte ich eine "Locus beenden"-Schaltfläche, mit der ich das Programm gezielt beenden konnte. Seit einem der letzten Updates gibt es nur noch die 2x Zurück-Tippen-Methode (die man auch schnell mal versehentlich drückt).

Wo finde ich die Einstellung, wieder die Extra-Beenden-Schaltfläche anzuzeigen?

I regularly export my track data into GPX files. Recently I had reset my Sony Xperia T, Locus Pro was installed automatically, and I used it to record tracks of canoe trips. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to predefine a tracks directory.

Now I don't see how to export these tracks.

I have undoubtedly recorded a few tracks with Locus and they are displayed on the map (screenshot1). But when I try to export the tracks, Locus shows the message "Unfortunately no results" under the menu item "Tracks". And behind the 3 points top right there is no menu item "Export", see screenshot2 (in German).

Now all I could see is the option to create a new folder. That's what I did (folder "Tracks"). But it's empty now. I can record new tracks and export them, but I do not see any option to access my previously recorded tracks.

How can I access and download the tracks I have already recorded before creating the "Tracks" directory?

Greetings Michael

Locus latest version (3.30.x?), Android 4.3, Locus on SD card (this still works fine with such an old Android).

[DE] - deutschsprachiger Forumsbereich / Trackdaten exportieren?
« on: April 09, 2018, 11:07:03 »
ich exportiere eigentlich regelmäßig meine Trackdaten in GPX-Files. Vor kurzem habe ich aber mein Uralt-Sony Xperia T mal neu aufgesetzt, und jetzt sehe ich nicht mehr, wie ich Tracks herunterladen kann.

Ich habe zweifellos ein paar Tracks mit Locus aufgezeichnet und sie werden mir auf der Karte auch angezeigt. Aber wenn ich versuche, die Tracks zu exportieren, dann zeigt mit Locus bereits unter dem Menuepunkt  "Tracks" den Hinweis: "Leider keine Ergebnisse". Und hinter den 3 Punkten rechts oben gibt es auch keinen Menuepunkt "Exportieren", siehe Screenshots.

Jetzt bleibt mir ersichtlich nur die Möglichkeit, einen neuen Ordner zu erstellen. Das habe ich gemacht (Ordner "Tracks"). Aber der ist nun leer.

Wie gelange ich zu meinen bereits aufgezeichneten Tracks, und wie kann ich diese herunterladen?

Gruß Michael

Locus neueste Version (3.30.x?), Android 4.3, Locus auf SD-Karte (das funktioniert mit solch altem Android noch problemlos).

Troubles & Questions / Where could I find the exact GPS-Time?
« on: November 20, 2016, 17:11:43 »
For geotagging of photos I write my track with Locus, and make one or more photos of a GPS-device's exact GPS-time. Later I correct the time of my photos to the exakt GPS-time, followed by the allocation of the positions to the jpeg-data of each photo.

When I press the green GPS-sign in the headline of Locus, the GPS-screen opens and shows the "Last GPS-Fix" in the lower right corner. Unfortunately, this seems to be _not_ the right GPS-time, nor the right atomic time (UTC). Is there any "hidden" option to see the right time within Locus? Most I would like to see not only date and time with hours, minutes an seconds, but also 1/10 or even 1/100 seconds.

Troubles & Questions / RMAP-files not recognized, why?
« on: February 02, 2015, 21:54:09 »
Is there a new problem with RMAP-Files?

I have used them sometimes and all worked well (last time in summer 2014). I allways put the rmap-files in the directory sdcard1/locus/maps/rmaps/example.rmap

But today (with a new update of Locus?) RMAP files are not recognized. The error is: 'unknown problem' while trying to add the rmap-files during start of Locus Pro.

What is the reason?

android 4.3,
sorry, I can not add an example-rmap-file, because it is bigger than 2 MB (it has ~22 mB).

I try to build a gpx-file with POIs, which I want to import in Locus (see TaraPOIxForImportIntoLocus.gpx here).

These POIs are shown with a simple standard-symbol (a dot or circle). How to modify the gpx-file, so it contains the information to use other symbols (individual for each POI, perhaps for Spring, river rapid, bridge etc.) ?
The symbols for such diferent items I have already on the SDcardm(as png- or gif-files).
May be a modification of that line: <sym>Information</sym>  ?  (if sym means symbol?)

In the _themes for vectormaps I find lines like this <symbol src="file:../ele_res/s_power_water.png" />
which refer to PNGs with the symbols. But how to get a similar effect in gpx-files?

regards, Michael

Troubles & Questions / Locus deletes Proximity-Alerts in gpx?
« on: March 19, 2014, 10:58:12 »
I try to build a gpx-file with POIs, which I import in Locus (see attached TaraPOIxForImportIntoLocus.gpx). It is shown correctly on the map. Every POI contains the following line:

Now I export the same data into a new gpx-file, created by Locus (this is to investigate a correctly formed Locus-gpx, see attached TaraPOIsLocusExport.gpx).
Here I miss this line. Does Locus ring the bell when moving near a waypoint? I am new to Locus and have not found yet this funktion.
If Locus reads <gpxx:Proximity>100.0</gpxx:Proximity> and makes the Proximity-Alert, then it only 'forgets' to write this line into its own gpx?

regards, Michael

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