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Is there any possibility of changing or control the order in which locus draws KMZ layers? The files have elevation information placing the layers in the correct order ontop of eachother, but Locus wont draw them this way. The files contain polygons and polylines. The polylines needs to be drawn ontop of the polygons or the lines will be hidden.

The files are exported from ArcGIS without clamping the features to the ground.

Also, is there any way to implement the possibility to change the way Locus draws KMZ files or their symbology? As it is now Locus puts a point at each start or end of a line. Any option to hide or change this would be great.
Im trying to find a way to use my high resolution elevation data i Locus. I have tried to convert my .asc-files to .hgt, but i seem to loose alot of data. My 2 meter grids turn into 30 meter grids. Is there any way to use another format that can handle those resolutions? Maybe anyone tried and found any solution or workaround regarding the srtm format?
Adding a small suggestion to the list... How about considering implementing support for some type of georeferenced raster image format? or even better .shp support... Is this even doable?
There may be a simple fix that i missed, but i was wondering if its possible to turn off Locus searching for an adress on a long press on the screen? I use offline maps and have no use for it, instead i press by mistake alot and have to wait for the phone and program to realize that i have no connection. This get very annoying when i need to scroll back and forth fast and instead having to wait for this loading time.