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When I select multiple geocaches in the waypoint list,
and call refresh,
I will end having those waypoints listed twice (old and new version...) in the waypoint list.

Note: Refreshing a geocache from its details view works fine. But this way it doesn't bring up the import screen. Refreshing from the waypoint list, I get the import screen, and it doesn't seem to replace the waypoints that are to be updated.
I have a .zip pocket query in my dropbox, containing two gpx files.
So far, I opened that file in dropbox, which calls Locus and imports it in a Locus-database of my choice.

Currently I fail:
After I choose a database to import in Locus and click <import>,
I get the fatal error message "Erstelle bitte mind. eine Kategorie" (somthing like "create at least one category"). But there are MANY categories!!

Nothing happens, and I cant import my data.
I have reinstalled Locus, fully cleaned the sd-card directory, etc. Nothing helped.

This error only happens on my Samsung Galaxy S Plus, not on my Motoroly Defy (both having installed their own Locus Pro 2.7.1 version)
in the holidays, I'd like to use Locus as my only geocaching frontend.

When I find a geocache, I simply want to write a quick found note into Locus, offline.
Then, in the evening, I like to review and edit my daily notes, and finally submit them to

If I had a computer in the evening, writing and submitting fieldnotes would be quite that thing.
However, I do not want to seek a computer to edit my field notes; I rather want to submit logs directly from Locus.

Any ideas?

Thanks so much for the wonderful software, that I enjoy for years already :)
Troubles & Questions / POI Alarm
June 28, 2011, 14:26:22
The latest version creates poi alarms that remain in the android-title-bar and I cannot clear them (=cannot make them disappear) without rebooting my phone :shock:
Also, at least some kind of beep is still active, even though I tried to disable all kind of beeps :evil:
The selection of categories or points to be shown on the map is not restored when Locus is restarted.

I hope this wasn't reported before, but I couldn't find any report on it, or maybe it's rather a feature than a bug... :P