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Troubles & Questions / Changing main menu settings
« on: April 22, 2021, 17:27:25 »
Hello. Is there any way to change the icons on the main menu? They seem to be always black and with a dark grey background they are hard to discern. The text below them are white.

I have Locus Maps 4 Gold. Whenever I try to use LoRouter to navigate it fails miserably to give me a realistic estimate of time of arrival. As far as I can see its almost always double the time. There is specifically two long distance drives I do 4-8 times a month and I know the routes by heart. I still use navigation for the time estimates so I can give realistic information on time of arrival to workmates and friend. This problem forces me to use other GPS software and I would like to avoid that.
The shorter route is, according to LoRouter 669 km and its estimated time of travel is 12:28 (normally takes just over 6 hour). The longer route is, again according to LoRouter 1210 km and the estimated time to arrival is 22:35 (takes 11 to 13 hours depending on food stops).

Anything I'm doing wrong with settings or something that is easy to fix?

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