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i use the Pre-fill format. It has 2 variables. {c} & {t}. The Found counter works corret but the {t} isn´t fill out. There is no time or date. I leave the entrys as default. I use Locus Pro Version 2.10.1

Any ideas?
Troubles & Questions / Spoiler Size
March 24, 2013, 08:00:59
i have download some spolier pictures with the integrated GCofflizer function. All work perfectly, but the downloaded spoiler a very big. It is only possible to zoom in but no way to some more out. It would be nice when the picture is shrink / scaled to a size that fit the display screen. I hope you understand what i mean
Troubles & Questions / Points Database
March 24, 2013, 07:59:27
I have for offline caching in Locus 2 databases. One called "" that other "".
 Geocaches are often deposited on both platforms. My problem now is when I go to the locus map with all the geocaches, then I know not whether the cache is present in both databases. However, if I zoom closer, you see that it is 2 icons.
Is there an option to set notifice that this cache is in both database?

first, sorry for my english..... ;)

I have updated to version 2.10.1 and weather doesn´t work. Its show only the circle and nothing happens.

Bug or feature?  :D
Implemented / Spoiler in Locus & Waypoint Projection
February 25, 2011, 20:29:22
Hello menoin,

i have one more Idea / wish to you for the very nice program Locus :)

I have seen that you have some functions and GUI for Geocaching  :D But i missing all the Spoiler Pictures for some caches. There is a program called "SpoilerSync" (SpoilerSync runs on a Windows PC machine, not on the android device ;)) which can automatically download spoiler into a specific folder (e.g. into a Locus "Spoiler" folder on the SD Card).All downloaded spoiler was named with the right GC Name of his respective Cache.

My Idea / Wish: i select a cache in Locus and there is in the description / gui a button "spoiler". e.g. if i select the Cache "GC12THR" Locus will check in background the specific spoiler folder for pictures how called / named "GC12THR" and when he found 1 or more pictures, the spoiler button in the gui were active. and when he found no pictures, the button is inactive.

A second nice feature was: Waypoint projection. Can you implemeted it? e.g. from manually entered coordinates 180° and 25meters......

i hope you understand my wish despite my very bad english and gramatic.  ;)

first of all: Thanks for Locus and sorry for my bad english. I kown, my english is for the cat ;)

I had one wish.
Is it possible that after a gpx import with e.g. "3000 waypoints" in a category e.g. "geocaching" locus may direct that he choose a frame that is so great, that's exactly the 3000 waypoints collected? these cards could then download them as offline.

At the moment i had to make the frame manually with my fingers. It would be nice, if locus had this option, then i can say, make a frame för the category "geocaching" and download all map data in zoom of e.g. 7 - 17.

when locus hat this option, then locus were a killer app for me :)
Troubles & Questions / Category Problem BUG
February 21, 2011, 20:43:42
Cant create new / any Category. Nothing ist Displaed after i gave a Name und a Icon and click finally ok. Bug? I used the newest Version (0.9.20)