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Troubles & Questions / Status GPS Icon
March 18, 2018, 21:09:03
When the GPS is on, the Icon GPS on the top right is grey.
If I remerber,  before Red = Off  Green = OK

Edit : and now it is OK : green :=)

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Troubles & Questions / Track editor problem
March 13, 2018, 23:39:16
I have some problems with the track editor.
Some time it is working,  some time impossible to make change.

2 screens
First screen is the editor activated
In the second screen, you see, it is possible to select the point, but when I move my finger, the point don't move.
I can try and try and...
This is the same with the main green point and the red point
Thanks for your help

Edit : if I am waiting to long after selecting the point then it is impossible to move it
If I select and move directly than it is OK


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Is it possible to increase the size of the characters of the scale on the left bottom screen ?

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I have a samsung galaxy tab 800 screen 1600 x 2560
Here is a video that explain my problem.

I have big fingers ans it is difficult to type at the center of the + and - ico on the left.
If I type a lite on the bord of the icon then I select a other point !

My suggestion :

- is it possible to increase the size of the icon as the same size as the icon on top + and - icon

- 90% of the people are writing with the right hand. Is is better to move the 3 icons from the left to the right. It is more easy to tab on a large screen

- maybe it is possible to have the zoom "+ - Gps" also on the right but on the upper right screen .

This is my experience and suggestion for this new interface.
Ergonomics is important...

René (France)

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Hi Locus specialist,

First problem :

I have on the right a vertical menu bar with some functions.
Every thing works good.
Now I close Locus, but not the service, Locus is running on the background.
If I open locus to display the map, the menu bar on the right is disappeared and impossible to bring it back.
I have to close completely Locus and the restart and the menu is back.

Second problem

When I start a track record, if I zoom or displace my map, after a few seconds the map is center at The gps position. OK.
Now I like to change the zoom during recording, but the zoom is all the time coming back to a zoom from 15 to 17 it's depend.
Is a parameter on the settings where I can change that locus use  the zoom what I have put manually.
I look but I have not find one.

Thanks a lot
I have a map in sql format with zoom 8,9,10,11
I dispay the  zoom 10
Then with the + I increse the zoom to 11
Then I move the map down
An I see a blank part of the map... but  this part of the map is on my map file.

See the video :

Device : galaxy SM-T800
Android : 5.0.2

Hello, everybody,
I have 6 maps with overlaps.

When I open one map on my galaxy tab 3 , I see only this map and not the 5 others.
I have to open one after the other.

On my galaxy S3, when I open one map, the 5 others are also open and display on the screen.
ok... But the problem is that the position is not correct.

If I zoom or move the position on the screen, the position of the differents maps change, see the screen.
Is an option to open only one map a a time ?


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Troubles & Questions / Mobac : Format TwoNav RMAP
November 09, 2013, 14:19:55

If i use with Mobac the format TwoNav RMAP with 1 zoom level, the file works fine with Locus
When I have 2 zoom level on the same file, Locus don't open the file and detect a problem

The file is OK with Compgps, TwoNav and Orux

Is it possible to fix this problem ?

Sample small file (110kb):!lFFVnSRQ!SYXr4hkVo3mJ_-OTrmYc2mXIPrNQqpCEnHaiyOPfVfc

PS : the reason why I like this format, it is compatible with Compgps, TwoNav, Locus, Orux !


I have install locus free with my maps for testing.
Then i bought and install locus pro.

Can I delete locus free without loosing my maps and wpt it in locus pro ?

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