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First of all, I am gladly buying all the LoMaps updates without a hesitation to add my small contribution to support my mapping software of choice. But I am also contributing to OSM actively and try to keep my maps updated.

I have found my way of generating vector maps and even POIs (overwriting the .db file from LoPoints).

However, the original LoMaps have hiking routes and bike paths highlighted (hiking in orange, bike paths in purple etc.). If I generate my own map from PBF, it looks absolutely the same in general except those routes/paths are not displayed or displayed just partially (something different probably in original OSM).

One workaround is to display LoMaps with generated maps overlay, but it is clumsy and also renders edited streets or other objects incorrectly, there are also some other rendering issues, like double patternns or cut off letters etc. Also, it seems it drains battery quicker. Another workaround is to extract routes and import them as GPX, but that's not sustainable and works well only on limited area and requires extra work and is not suitable when one finds himself in an unknown area without preparation. Of course, it is always possible to switch between the maps, but that's again additional inconvenience.

Is there a way I could achieve the same display with Osmosis+Mapsforge? Maybe I need to extract relations+ways+nodes and merge them into final map somehow? I use the theme XML from Asamm Software in Github, but this does not help with the routes/paths.

Cheers and thank you in advance.