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The new version of Locus Pro 3.3.0 doesn't show my already purchased maps in the store anymore (all of Europe and Russia). So what about the guarantee of 1 year downloads? Any suggestions, what to do now? Thanks in advance.

I'm using Locus Pro 3.2.2 with offline POI databases installed. When I try to use the POI alert feature, it doesn't alert on the selected folders, but on all POIs within the defined radius, which makes this feature rather useless. Only solution is to disable offline POI database (e.g. by renaming). Then it works as intended.
Would be great, if that could be fixed soon.

Another (unrelated) thing is, that after route calculation, the track in front of my position looks like this:

Could somebody else confirm this (it's happening with any routing method (brouter, google, mapquest, graphhopper).

Best regards.

I'm on Android 4.4.4 (XT912). Never had any problems in the past, but just recently (I'm on Locus Pro version 3.1.3) my multi-part GEMF files, don't get loaded (they are shown in the selection dialogue) by Locus. Single part files below 2GB and 4GB are displayed without problems. I can't tell in which version the troubles started, but it would be great, if you could look into this. thanks in advance.

I'm currently downloading the English versions of Chinese vector maps from within Locus.
"" throws an error (missing magic byte or something). After checking the mapfile with Hex editor, it's obvious that the map is broken, because the header part is nearly empty.
Please fix it. Thank you in advance.

Maps / MOBAC mapsource help needed
« on: November 12, 2013, 14:08:13 »
Hello to all Beanshell wizards.
I have the following problem. I try to access the German Geoportal with MOBAC, but that server is issuing 2 cookies. One for JSESSIONID and one for PHPSESSID. With the code below I only get the first cookie (JSESSIONID) successfully. I found some java code examples for storing cookies, but I don't know how to integrate this into the script. Any help would be appreciated. There are different approaches to get cookie values which I tried, but all of them only get the first cookie. Tahnks in advance.
Code: [Select]
name = "Geoportal DE";

tileType = "png"; // required; valid values: "jpg" "png" or "gif"

// Default size of each tile is 256x256 pixel
tileSize = 256; // optional
minZoom = 7;    // optional
maxZoom = 15;   // optional
//tileUpdate = TileUpdate.IfModifiedSince; // optional

//get authentication cookie

URL url = new URL("");
httpConn = url.openConnection();
authHeader = httpConn.getHeaderField("Set-Cookie");
auth = authHeader.split(";")[0];

 This method is called for each tile: input parameters for this script: "zoom", "x" and "y"
String getTileUrl( int zoom, int x, int y ) {
return ""+zoom+"/"+x+"/"+y+".png";

 This method is called also for each tile (implementation optional)
 It allows to set HTTP headers like "Referer" or cookies the server
 wants to see.
void addHeaders( conn) {
  conn.addRequestProperty("User-Agent","Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:2.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/4.0 Opera 12.16");

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