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Troubles & Questions / Adding POI for Contact
January 23, 2011, 02:56:59
First of all: loved the app! really, really loved. I had looked for somethig like that for a while, and was ready to settle for something way below this level... then I followed a lead ffrom GPS Status, and found Locus. It's really awesome, congratulations.

Now, to the point: this is not really a problem, it's more like a wish. Anyway, what happened was I did this:

'Data manager' -> 'Points' (choose category) -> 'Add' (first at bottom) -> 'Contact'

Then I added a contact. Locus assigns to the name of the POI the *address* of the contact. In the detailed POI info, it adds nothing. I think it would be nicer if it added the *name* of the contact as the name of the POI, and recorded its address on the proper POI fields. Would save a lot of work when adding multiple contacts!