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Troubles & Questions / an "action" related bug
January 15, 2011, 13:06:01
Hi and thanks for going through the trouble of porting Wherigo to android. Much appreciated.

Unfortunately there is a bug related to actions on Items that makes it nearly impossible to play on of my cartridges. (It works as expected on Emulator, Oregon, PPC and OpenWig).

For illustration I have attached two image - on the left OpenWig, in the right WhereYouGo. You will notice that in addition to "Use With" and "Use" (which are correct) WherYouGo lists another 31 actions! It appears that these correspond to all the commands from other characters/items in the game  even though these characters/items are not visible at this point in time. When I click on one of the commands the action is executed even though the target is not visible and the action completely inappropriate in the game context. In fact there is no way to even know what the target is as the action is executed immediately after clicking the verb.

It would be great if you could fix this - please ask if you need more information.