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Here's some bright red and blue variants i made of the standard cursors in Locus (i hope that's alright with the authors, thanks!) I needed other colours to contrast my Eniro scandinavian maps, and the blue one works really fine. You have to rename and zip the ones you need to the right formats. I use the blue arrow as navigation cursor as well...


Hi, i'm using Locus since a few months, and i'm impressed of all the options this program gives me! I cache with my Motorola Defy+, offline Eniro sqlitedb maps (from Mobac) a BT-368 GPS bluetooth puck, gpx-files from GSAK and that works really well for me. The offline caching is of course to save the phones battery life.

Now to one problem i have: When i use GC4Locus Live map option, it doesn't stay on "live"... I open the add-on, and click the "Live map" button, which activates the live map. When I back out to the map again it works fine for some time. But all of a sudden it stops working, and when I open the add-on again, i find the Live map-button unactivated (white). This happens all the time. It works for say one minute (mostly), to one hour, or to the whole day (very unusual). Any idea what creates that behaviour?

One other problem is to know when the add-on has downloaded all caches in the area shown on the screen. It mostly is so slow that you're not sure when it's ready. The slowness is tolerable, but it would be nice to have a percent-meter that shows how much is ready, so you know that you really see all the caches in the screens area. C:geo has that feature, if you need an example...

Thx, robogus.

Motorola Defy+, Android 2.3.6, BT-368 and Bluetooth GPS from GG MobLab.