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Wishlist / Track color
February 28, 2013, 19:46:44
Please add an option to not change track color when your location is directly over it. This really sucks when using off-road in a vehicle when you go on and off the track. In day light it's already hard enough to see the screen so I like to set the track color to stand out but then if I am on of off the track it hard to see one way or another.
Wishlist / Add link to App and shortcut please
December 21, 2012, 04:59:41
Can you expand the "Add link to App" option to include application shortcuts too please?
Maps / KML convert to vector map
June 27, 2012, 22:42:48
I have really large KML (15MB) file that when I import into Locus it gets VERY VERY slow and I have a GNex (dual core) phone. I'd like to convert the paths in the KML to a vector map or looking for other suggestions to make this usable. I have spent several hours looking for options and have come up with basically nothing. I hope someone can offer some advise...

Thanks much,
Under review / Hide/view all tracks quick button
November 30, 2011, 01:01:07
Sometimes I want to be able to see under a track at a quick glance. Would be really nice if I could add a button to the side bar that would toggle track visibility (all tracks on/all tracks off). Leaving the map screen to do this simply will not work for this purpose.

Declined / Track highlight color
November 30, 2011, 00:58:06
Is there a way to disable the track highlight color. Here is an example of what I am talking about. Say I import a bunch of track and set them to be yellow and visible on the map. When the center cursor is on top of a track it adds a blue highlight. I'm guessing the highlight is 3px or so wide cause I can still see the yellow (5px wide) but this is VERY annoying. If I can't get rid of it maybe having the ability to set the color would be fine as I can set it to yellow although I may have different tracks in different colors so a transparent option would be best. Sorry if I overlooked this but I have spend a lot of time in the settings trying to disable or set the color with no luck.

Troubles & Questions / GPS enabled/disabled popup
November 01, 2011, 15:20:26
I have tried all the options in the settings. Don't disable GPS when hidden, do and don't enable GPS when opening. But I get a pop up stating the GPS is enabled everytime I open the app or even bringing it to the front. When going to the home screen (hidding Locus) I get the GPs is disabled although if I check the Android settings the GPS is actually enabled. Sometimes I am going in and out of the app often and really don't like these pops. Is there a way to disable or hide these messages?
Implemented / Embedded pictures
October 31, 2011, 16:21:53
Ok, I know you have a lot on your list but thought it would be very cool to be able to snap a picture and have it embedded in the map via an icon like Google Earth can do. Maybe an option to toggle the visibility of the picture icons in case you had a lot of picture you could remove the clutter.

Update... I was thinking about this some more. If the request above is too much work how about the ability for Locus to search the SD card for pictures that have GPS coordinates embedded and display icons. Clicking an icon could then just open the picture in the standard picture viewer... This would greatly minimize the work Locus needs to do (leaving viewing or taking pictures to other apps.)
Troubles & Questions / Share option
October 18, 2011, 21:39:01
I have another thread on a request for a more complete sharing solution but this is regarding the currently built in functionality.

When in Locus and I select to share the screen or center of the map I get a different list of options. Some are the same but not all. The problem is that I setup AndFTP hoping to be able to share tracks and POIs to another device via FTP as an AndFTP connection will show up in the share list. It shows up in the share list if I am sharing the screen 9 (.png) but not if I share a track or POI. Not sure if Locus has control over this or if it's a AndFTP issue however is seems strange AndFTP would limit any file types as it is an FTP program. If I can get Locus to see AndFTP I have half of the problem solved then all I need is the auto import feature which should be added to Locus as some point down the road (hopefully before Jan 1st).

Implemented / Storage location
October 18, 2011, 19:03:15
Would really like a way to define the storage location for the locus data. Some phones have internal storage they call sdcard and then have removable storage. On my SGS2 with no SD card its storing every in /sdcard/external_sd even though I don't have any external card installed. Strange that it even works but there must be some type of symbolic linking going on behind the scenes. Never the less I put a Microsd card in the other day and my locus data disappeared. It created a new Locus folder on the card when I open Locus but all my existing data was gone. I removed the card and it was back. I would really like to be able to force it to use the internal storage as I have 16Gb so if I want to swap microsd cards it does not screw things up. If this is too much work to add in under a menu how about a conf file that can be manually edited. In fact the later would be more then fine...

Under review / Transparent overlay
September 19, 2011, 18:25:46
Would be nice to be able to have transparent overlays, maybe vector maps over sat maps. For example I end up having tons of tracks to represent trails but thinking it would be better if these were just turned into vector maps that could be overlaid on the sat maps.
Declined / Quick POI
September 14, 2011, 16:50:21
Would be great to be able to define a "Quick POI" button that would create a POI, auto name it, save it with a single touch. No other touches needed...
Under review / Locus to Locus commuications/sync
September 12, 2011, 23:34:44
I have brought up this request in the past and even fairly recently had another topic regarding sharing a POI via bluetooth. With Tablets becoming a huge market I think there would be a lot interest in having some true real time communications/syncing between copies of Locus. Imagine using your phone for Navigation and a passenger in your car adding some POIs or defining a route on a tablet then "sending" it to the phone. This would really be a great feature that no one else has! Personally I would use it when riding my motor cycle or snowmobile in that I would have my phone mounted in a waterproof case and when I stop I would pull the tablet out (bigger screen for a group of people to look at!). We could define some POIs or a route we want to take then "send to" another device/copy of Locus. I could also see others in my group using Locus and being able to send to many devices, even if one at a time, would be great. I assume Bluetooth would be the way to do this so you would simply have to be paired to make the connection. Otherwise Wifi-Direct but that is pretty new and not a lot of devices support that yet. The current way of sharing a POI via Bluetooth is simply way too much work for just a single POI.

Thanks for listening!
Troubles & Questions / Sharing between devices
August 02, 2011, 15:50:57
A long time ago (last winter) I requested a feature to allow sharing a waypoint or center of the map between devices. Someone had suggested the feature was already there so I played around with it and simply cannot get it to work over bluetooth (didn't try others cause I would not have cell service where I would use this). Everything seems to work, the bluetooth connection is made and a file shows up on the other device but there is no way to open the file in Locus. Please help!
Implemented / Some ideas...
April 01, 2011, 01:13:04
First of all I must say what an awesome GPS app this is! At this point I have pretty much decided to sell my Garmin and water proof my HTC EVO because it works so good.

Ok, here is my wishlist...
1. Would like an option to set the color and width of tracks on import. Right now I need to basically change the system settings then import.
2. Option to change color or width of track from the map screen by highlighting then select menu -> edit.
3. Option to swap buttons from top and bottom to sides. In landscape you would have a lot more visible map if the buttons could be on the sides.
4. A way to share a waypoint and/or current cursor position with another copy of Locus via bluetooth or Wifi (preferred). I had originally requested this to work with a garmin but forget the garmin! :) In my case I would like to have my EVO mounted on my sled/motorcycle/etc and pull out my tablet to find a location then beam it to my EVO. Right now I use an EVO and a Nook. The Nook does not have GPS but I found client/server app called tetherGPS that allows the Nook to get the GPS info from the EVO over Wifi. It's pretty common to tether to a phone for data so I think doing this over wifi makes the most since. This would be a very cool feature!
5. Support for some type of vector maps (google?). I think it would be nice to be able to load up an entire state map for general use. Using the graphic maps requires too much data at all the zoom levels. Don't get me wrong if I could choose one or the other I would take the graphics maps in a heartbeat but I think the ability to load up vector maps to cover larger areas for daily use would be nice.
6. Would be nice to have some type of night mode for night driving.

Keep up the great work! Probably my favorite Android application!

Implemented / select all track, track color change
January 11, 2011, 20:12:24
Would like the ability to select all tracks with a single button press and the ability to change the color of individual tracks.

Also it would be very sweet if you could add the abilty to share POI/Tracks with Garmin Oregon/Colorado/Dakota GPSes via bluetooth (if possible).

Thanks, great app!