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Attempted to download Canada topo (free), and TopOSM...results in unsuccessful.
"Unable to initialze target file"

Any help?
Tried many multiple times over a week or so to download  topOSM from locus store.
After what appears a good connection , goes to message "waiting"..then fails.. (see screenshot).

I have good connection, gobs  of memory. .at a loss.

Thanks for help.
When attempting to download a map ( option.(this screen)

I get multiple errors. (See screenshot).

In the past I have been successful downloading, but with past few upgrades, I have the result presented in screenshots.

Must be some setting incorrect.
Using Samsung Note4, marshmallow
After 3.8.0 update I no longer have an option for external themes in vector maps. From Main menu > settings>map advanced>Vector Maps> Map themes  I only have Internal themes option.  No longer is there external themes option or more option. I have researched the user manual with no help for external themes.

using Samsung Note4, v4.4.4 ( tho new version is prompting me continually to upgrade).

I suspect the problem lies in the directory structure.  But all worked fine in prior Locus Pro ver...just lost it on3.8 upgrade.