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The marvellous Locus is one of my most important tools, and I purchased the Pro version already some time ago through the Google Play Store. Because of all the privacy concerns these days I am trying the run Android without Google Play Services, i.e. among others I have no Play Store installed. I guess that's why I get an error 1811 when downloading libraries at first start -> see screenshot.

The knowledgebase doesn't mention this error code:

This thread indicates that licencing is done via Play Store or AndroidPit AppCenter:

Is there a way to unlock the Pro version without Google licencing? With the AndroidPit AppCenter shut down it seems there are no alternatives. But what does the button "Use voucher" do?

Cheers, vueltaconicarus

Dear community,

I tracked a hiking trip and wanted to display it using the "change of altitude" style for track coloring. However, I noticed that the coloring changes between zoom levels 15 and 16 -> see screenshots. This only happens for recorded tracks, not for tracks obtained by the "Navigate to" feature. Also, the effect vanishes when I manually "Fill altitude" of the track, overwriting the height information by the altitudes taken from the map data itself.
Can anybody confirm this or explain what happens?

Thanks, and best regards,

Troubles & Questions / [ICONS] Google Places Icon
September 16, 2013, 15:01:35
I noticed that when importing POIs via the Google Places search function, all imported points automatically use the Google icon instead of the icon of the category I saved them in. Is there any way to change this behaviour?