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Themes - Vector maps / Vmap
« on: August 27, 2013, 14:44:58 »
Some weeks ago while thinking on a map style of may own ( I used Openandromaps but I didn't like it's colours :( ) a friendly guy pointed me to locus for the possibility of using svgs in mapthemes.
I found V-scale, had a closer look at it and started..while getting more and more familiar to Freizeitkarte at the same time.

So I tried to create a theme/style that works with all maps, Locus, Openandro, Sebbos, mapsforge itsself and last but not least Freizeitkarte, too.
OT on
From my point of view, Freizeitkarte walks on a completely wrong way. But it's still 1st choice for bicyle way's.
OT off

The main templates for my theme/style were the openandro themes, so I copied the non physical routes nearly 1:1.
Declared aim was the best possible visiability of ways on and off the roads under certain circumstances on standard android devices (not high end).

light, MTBSKI, HC

pistes within MTBSKI

bicycle ways supported by Freizeitkarte

Vmap for Locus

When developing some mapstyles of my own I switched through maps and zoomlevels very often and very intensivly, in several cases I got double results, in few cases also triple ;)
With actual version it seems to be quite better but it's still there:

First of all automatic map switching must be activated, for same type of map of course.
Next a map of a relatively small area must be selected, in my examples it's Northrhine-Westfalia in Germany.
You are viewing for ex. at level 15. If you'll switch now to a quite lower level so the actual map cannot cover the whole area and there is a map in app's map directory covering the whole area the app will fetch it.
And now you can wait until the new map is loaded completely, or you can zoom in the map without waiting for load completed.
Depending on the way of switching the app shows more than one map and switches the map name or not.

switching fast to level 8 or 9 and back

Same switch, another area, with added elevation lines

same area, another map, map name doesn't switch

but this map was added

same maps, same switch, another area

two further maps were added

Sometimes when the maps name switches also and you switch one area back toa lower zoom level you got silly mismatch, in this case from Level 15 to 9, back to 15 and then to 14.

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