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ich hatte mit locus rumgespielt und auf einmal stand da etwas von PQ importieren. nutze zu diesem zweck derzeit das tool PQ, aber natürlich wäre es mir lieber, wenn ich meine pqs gleich über locus holen könnte.

weiß einer von euch, was das war oder wie es funkioniert?

es geht also nur um den import von PQs über locus und nicht um das "importieren con daten" wie es locus anbietet
Maps / Need Help 4 Vector Maps
July 29, 2013, 23:04:52
hello everybody,

i am new in this forum an i hope to find some help here. please notice, that my english is not the best but i hope you understand, what i am trying to ask for.

i used 2 versions of locus pro. the version 2.6.2 an it works fine without any problems an with all my vector maps. now i have the version 2.11.1 an all my vector maps did not work. after installation with the new version locus told me, that there are some files which have to be converted; but after that nothing works.

now i have totally deinstalled the programm and cleaned all files and handy. now i installed only the the version 2.11.1 and i do not know, where i could find some vector maps, which will work with my locus version.

i tried vector maps, which i have downloaded from the following sites:

are there more sites to find vector maps, which will work with my version? could anyone help please? i want to start in a few weeks my trip to norway and need some vector maps quickly. otherwise i have to install the old version, but i use it for geocaching and so the newer version is more comftable.

would be great to read some helpfull lines