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Other features / Improve the Locus gpx (rte) route export.
« on: October 16, 2021, 11:54:57 »
The Locus gpx (rte)route export.

Can it be offered in a more valuable way ?
Optimise by exporting as standard compact route.
Contains only start & shaping & Via and Finish as route points.

Picture. Locus navtrack. The coloured sections exported as the routepoints.

gpx file in the attachment. (Track + route)


Notice the fast Mapsource route calculation.
Compare with the reference track overlay.

Troubles & Questions / Planner trackglitch detector
« on: October 06, 2021, 19:06:13 »
Hi Menion.

The trackglitch indicator by the Locus_app_BRouter (offline) planner is sure very usefull
The indication is by a red circle "alert" indication at the end of the relevant (short) trackglitch section.
But when using the Locus_GH online router some trackglitches are surprisingly not indicated.

It seems GH generates a simplified track so there is not always that expected perfect 180° overlap track backfold. But as GH produces the U-turn commands in the export file by the -98 sign such should trigger a Locus  U-turn command by rtePointAction>12 or <sym>U-turn.

By actual Locus planner if no perfect 180° track backfolds means no visual red alert !

Keep the usefull trackfold track line indication as is now.
Put the visual red circle alert onto those Shaping Points that do trigger.
- Or trackglitches by perfect 180° track back folds as detected by Locus_BRouter
- Or the unexpected U-turn instruction commands produced by GraphHopper.

This indication should do the job this for both routers GH and BRouter.
As only repositioning of the corresponding Planner Point solves a trackglitch issue. 
Reposition the Planner Points until the red circle alarm is gone = trackglitch gone.

U-turns both the unwanted and desired ones are triggered by either a Shaping or a Via Planner point.
If you need to correct U-turns, you must therefore have both types of Planner Points available.
It is therefore important that both Planner Points types remain available at all times, even by file transfers.

Actual Locus Version.
Locus supports U-turns commands at import by the sym U-turn.  :)
Route You web generates U-turns commands by the sym U-turn.  :)
Locus_GraphHopper nor Locus_Brouter generates sym U-turn. :(

If there is U-turn support, you can still "accentuate" suspicious u-turn elements with a circle, also later in the normal map display used for navigation. The standard turns get the usual discrete "blue" small dot. And the U-turns get that extra "alert circle". In this case, they will not escape special attention so quickly.

Navigation & Guidance / Routeyou Planner
« on: July 09, 2021, 19:43:23 »
Routeyou Planner.

The first planner that exports a gpx Locus navigation track by instructions in trackpoints.

Requires some getting used to, so it's best to practise a little ;-)

Older low quality Route You tracks (routes) are aligned to the road by autosnap to map technique, but such very often leads to track glitches and by that  very annoying false instructions and U-turns.

Plan a new quality traject, so always position the planner points away from road crossings.
Save your design into Route You Web. At download select Locus gpx track.

Navigation & Guidance / Locus Navigation experimental
« on: November 20, 2017, 18:21:50 »
UPDATE ! Locus 3.50.1  Operational ! (Import)

Navigation by gpx track navigation instructions into trackpoints.
Instructions in trackpoints trkpt.

Trackpoints that contain a Locus standard [EN]sym text are promoted to navigation Turn points.
Trackpoints that contain the [EN]type Via text are promoted to be announced Via points.(Not yet)
Trackpoints that contain the [EN]type Shaping text are promoted to Shaping points.(Not yet)

Only the Turn and or Via points lead to navigation alerts and give distance values @ navigation.


- Navigates 100% faithfull after gpx track import even without (routable) maps present in the app.
- Manage/separate the free located (poi) waypoints without any risk to damage the navigation.
- Easy import, navigate 100% faithfull without "must" set: "Merge waypoints with imported track".
- Less fragile than the *trk_navwpt method with the more vulnarable associated waypoints.
- Compact POI wpt_list not cluttered by many associated wpt's as by the *trk_navwpt method.
- Synced gpx files to pc offers extra edit tools or an alternative for only Locus edit.
- You can simply add multiple additional selected freely positioned wpt's(poi) into the gpx file.
- Timestamps are not obligatory for navigation,  but can be attached according to expected speed
- A single gpx file can also contain multiple navigation tracks including turn-by-turn instructions.   
  Contains the original plus several free to select alternative navigation tracks to choose from.

The <sym>pass_place is to be used for compatibility with the current Locus versions.
Find the <sym>pass_place in the start, the via, the shaping, and finish trackpoint.
The trackpoints with <sym>pass_place optimally has a <name> indication. (Start - Via - End)

The Shaping or Via points are separately indicated by the trackpoint <type> tag. 

Similar functionality as the <type> tag supported in the route (rtept) routepoints by the Cruiser app.

Indicate the Shaping or Via Points by the trackpoint <type> tag.
Keep the point type tag intact this as well in the original offroad imported routepoints and in the generated onroad resulting trackpoints.
Results in perfect snapped to street planner points. The Shaping or Via point function is kept intact[/b].

Unexpected U-turns are alert signals for track glitches caused by badly positioned planner points.
Indicate the triggering Planner point positions that do cause the U-turns by a blinking dot.
Correcting the planner point positions than removes so these unexpected U-turns.

*trk_navwpt method:

More info in attachment. (Register and login into the forum !)

Export by the Route You Planner.


@ gpx IMPORT.
Locus map app. (V3.50.1)
 :) Turninstructions by trkpt <sym> (turn text) & Via Points by the trkpt <sym> pass_place
 :( No Shaping nor Via Point imports by the trkpt <type>. (not yet)

Cruiser app.
:) Shaping and Via Point transfer in a gpx (rte)route by point <type> in the (rtept) routepoints.
:( Has no gpx navtrack support.

@ gpx EXPORT.
RouteYou web Planner by Locus gpx.
:) Turn instructions inclusive U-turns.
:) Shaping & Via Point exports by <type>.
:( No trackpoint timestamps.
:( No roundabout support yet. (planned)
Cruiser app.
:) Shaping and Via Point transfer in a gpx (rte)route by point <type> in the (rtept) routepoints.
:( Has no gpx navtrack support.

Attachment picture.
A Kurviger forum idea proposal..
Indicate Planner Points that do trigger U-turns by a blinking red dot.
If necessary move a planner point until the "blinking" halts

Navigation & Guidance / No .tcx file support Locus ?
« on: September 23, 2014, 10:21:24 »
No .tcx file Import. Export .tcx file. Not compatible with Garmin Gps.

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