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First time today that I have used Locus since 3.15.3 update, and I had a problem. I have always had the Disable screen lock setting in Settings > Display selected. This allows me to switch off the display whist walking between caches and goes straight back into the map screen without entering my lock pin every time I press the power button. I have been using this for over a year. Today every time I switched on I had to enter the pin.
On arriving home noticed a new version  so updated it hoping that would solve the problem, but alas no, its still doesn't work as it used to.
Has something changed in the settings?

Troubles & Questions / Maintenance on own caches
February 01, 2015, 15:13:44
Normally I do all maintenance on my own caches on my PC, but have noticed (especially posts from balloni55) that it is possible to do this from within Locus. This would be handy as a few caches are away from home location.
I have looked through all the settings of Locus and on the online manual but cannot see how to enable this.
Am I missing something obvious.

Free chat / Email from
November 28, 2014, 13:20:08
I don't know if this is the right place for this, but over the last 2 days I have received quite a few emails from
Yesterday it was 66 regarding the new pop up  all the same. On clicking to open the page my browser, after a while, came up with a 404 error. This morning  I had 8 more, 5 regarding "delete fieldnote after successful upload"
and 3 regarding " HR Monitor +training manager add on"

This time the help desk opened , albeit very slow, but the 3 about HR monitor puzzle me as to why I have recieved them. I have never looked at that subject to my knowedge.

Is there a problem with the help desk? As 66 emails for a topic that only has 29 comments is a bit much, and BTW I still can't get into the Pop Up Topic.
I've had a problem today with Locus Pro whilst using a vector map, though I may have had this occur before.
When using zoom levels above 16/17 and above the waypoints  either disappear or become un-selectable.
The map I am using is the England - offline vector from the Locus Store (Ver 2014.09) , and have tried it with different themes with the same result.
I have attached a video to show the problem, and the Caches GPX  file.

I don't know if there is a problem with server or it is a problem with GC4Locus or Locus and the new api I've seen mentioned in the Forum.
When I returned today, as usual I connected to the Internet and selected Geocaching Live. But unlike normal, I was given the option to Login . after completing the login page on I see a green box with login valid in it and then a box with working in it. after a while I then get a red box with  Status Code :1 | Status Message : Fail | Detail: {blank}
I thought that the problem might be with GC4 Locus so I went into it and loged out and tried to Log back in After putting in my login details and selecting Allow I get a box with Error occurs! | Fail | Exception | LiveGeocachingApiException.

I will log all the caches manually so I don't Lose the Details, but any ideas.
I noticed a problem today whilst using Locus Pro (2.20.2).  If I select Field note in portrait mode and turn the phone to landscape to write the note, when I have finished and select confirm  I get the window "Unfortunately Locus Pro has stopped"
When it restarts and I select Field note again the note is there , so it is just a matter of selecting it, selecting store offline from the Choose menu and then confirm.
If I turn the phone to Landscape prior to selecting field note and also if after writing the note I  turn the phone back to portrait this does not happen. In those cases I get the green success window .
Troubles & Questions / Bluetooth GPS
May 06, 2014, 16:14:39
I had a problem with the switch on my Qstarz 818XT bluetooth GPS, which was a pain as it kept resetting at the slighted knock. As it was a few years old I decided to by a Garmin GLO, which was on offer at Amazon.
Yesterday was the first time I used it in the field, but using Locus Pro bluetooth manager it would keep connecting and disconnecting. A reboot of both phone and GPS did initially resolve it but after a few minutes it started to disconnect and reconnect.
With a bit of experimentation I got it to work with the Bluetooth GPS app by more luck than judgement, and enabling Mock GPS  Provider. So the afternoons caching went smoothly.
Reading on the Garmin website today, I realise that I had to enable "Use Insecure Connection" (which I had done in my button selection frenzy yesterday ;D).
This is something I hadn't had to do with the Qstarz, or a cheap Jentro I used before that.
My question is, can Locus bluetooth manager make an insecure connection, and is it possible to implement.
It is not a big problem, it just means I have to remember to start 2 apps instead of 1.     
Troubles & Questions / Locus/ logs Folder
April 23, 2014, 18:55:04
Whilst doing a clean up of my phone I noticed that the Locus/logs folder had approx 1GB of files all named gps_data_[1398......].raw that appear to contain NMEA data.
After checking settings and making sure the Record NMEA is not set, also playing around with how I connect my B/T GPS to Locus, I found that they are only written when I connect by internal B/T manager. If I use an external B/T app (Bluetooth GPS Provider) these files are not written.
I have tried it with 2 GPS's, a Qstarz 818XT and a Dual XGPS150A and the results are the same.
Is it OK to just delete these files?