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Does anyone knows about an on-line map source for transparent elevation contour lines that could be used as an overlay over satellite imagery maps ?

I am looking to achieve something like in Strava (see below) by adding elevation contour on-top of Google or others satellite  maps.

Thanks in advance

best regards


Hello guys

I am facing some little issues with Locus (currently Pro 2.12.2) on my Galaxy tab 2 7.0 and may someone out there have some recipe to help me.

1) Disable lock screen (in Settings/Global) doesn't seems to work

Even when the box is checked, it can't prevent my device to lock after the set time. I am using the pattern lock screen where you have to draw a pattern with your fingers on 9 dots.
So after the max time, the screen lock and I can't any more use the Home of Switch-task button to use another software.
But as Locus is still on the front, the only solution to access the unlock screen is to quit Locus.

Of course I could totally disable the lock when I want to use Locus but in that case, I have to re-enter my pattern every time I want to re-enable the lock.
Also, I have found a unreliable workaround : when entering or leaving the Settings screen of Locus, Locus switch for 1/2 second on the unlock screen. So if I am fast enough, I can unlock my device. But sometime I have to do it 2 or 3 times to be successful.

As any one else experienced the same behavior on a GyTab 2 ?
Any idea on how I can solve this ?

2) Awake screen by touching the screen

I have mainly 2 usages of the Tab + Locus : hiking and mountain biking.

When hiking, I am using the tab into a soft waterproof bag hanging around my neck.
I generally let the screen turn off itself after 30 seconds or 1 minute (system setting) but Locus still runs in the background and so far I didn't see any issue with the track-log (no missing point) even when I have not set Locus as a service.
To wakeup the screen, I just have to press the power button which is easy through the soft bag.

For mountain biking, I just setup a waterproof box.
As for hiking, I don't need to watch the screen very often but the problem is that when I want to, I can't access any more the power button which is located on the side of the tablet (unreachable when the tablet is in the box).

As any one an idea how I could get the screen (backlight) switched off automatically after a time to save battery and waking up only by touching the screen ?

Thanks in advance for any idea.

I know someone who installes Locus on its Galaxy Ace.
the free version was ok, but since he purchased the pro version he is facing this issue.
Every time he starts Locus Pro, it abruptly close with a message that in english would be :
Quote"Locus Pro application suddenly closed (processus Please retry"
Then he has to go to application parameters and move the app to SD, then relaunch and it works.

Apparently he has to do this every time, just like if Locus Pro was moving back itself to internal memory.

I am still trying to qualify with him the exact sequence of operations, but anyone has an idea in the meantime that would be appreciated.

He is suspecting an installation process but we are unsure what happens if we uninstall a purchased application. Can we reinstall it after on the same unit without having to pay again ?

Wishlist / LiveTracking .. back in Locus
March 25, 2013, 23:05:29

I find the LiveTracking feature very interesting, having the possibility to publish its own position to a server is nice.
But requiring to open a web page to see buddies is a annoying while we are already running a mapping application.

What I would love is to see the live tracking the other way back : being able to display within Locus, along my own position, positions of buddies.
I would require some kind of "dynamic points".
Locus could for example submit a GET request to a server giving its current position and the radius of the search, and in return it would get a list of buddies in the neighbourhood.

The radius could be determined automatically by Locus as the displayed area so only buddies displayable on the map would be retrieved.
Or it could be user specified. In that case, if buddies are retrieved outside the map, some icon on the border of the map could show the direction where is such buddy.
It should be also possible to designate one buddy as the destination for navigation which would be updated in realtime (I don't mean road navigation, but heading, like for geocaching).

On my side, I already have such a server to follow tracker devices such as the popular TK102. Getting such live tracking back on Locus where I can see my position vs tracker's device position, and navigate to it would be great.

Note that this also could be the base for an access to AIS (ship position) or net-APRS (HAM radio/internet location sharing systems) servers. (I believe there is also a similar thing for planes).

Thanks for considering this.

(Sorry if this is already posted, But was not able to find anything like this on the forum)

Best regards