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Themes - Vector maps / Vector Maps for Pakistan
« on: March 18, 2013, 11:06:12 »
Hi Menion..  :)

I must admire your whole team effort for making Locus a great success in the arena of Mapping applications. I 'd however, like to ask few things though, regarding Vector Maps..

I find two places where i see Vector Maps of Pakistan. first one is 5.1 mb file on following link

and the next link is through Map Manager in the application Asia (English)  category, Pakistan 543.30 MB (407.64 MB), 30.01.2013

Once i proceed to the download link, it gives me options of Vector Maps download after purchasing credits at Store. In Store, i get under Vector Maps following options.

Vector maps, 2GB  0.99E
Vector maps, 5GB  2.49E
Vector maps, 10GB  3.99E
Vector maps, 30GB  9.99E

My Question-1 If I want to download just Pakistan Map 543.30 MB (407.64 MB), what is the rest of data in each Category (2,5,10,30GB) which is being charged from me?

Question-2. Is the Vector map of Pakistan complete in all respects. I read few places that there are missing lines, labels and dark segments in the newly created Vector Maps. Please Clarify.

Question-3. Will the updates be automatic and free? or will it be charged each time in every month.

Question-4. If I download 30GB map, does "Locus Free" support it? or even does Locus Pro support it?

Thanks in advance for taking time to replying these queries.
Aamir Ali Dillon

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