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Wishlist / Backup current track recording
« on: February 16, 2013, 23:52:22 »
I find this program and it's great. Also it's stable.
I want to see automatic backup (every 5-10 minutes) of recording track to the internal (or external) memory. Of course program is very stable but not 100 % stable. Also the battery can full discharge or I can drop phone on the ground and battery will be disconnected and I can loose recorded track for the whole day. And it's very bad because I am using recorded track to mark photos.
Also, I think, it will be better when track file created on start recording with automatic name like now and when pressing STOP RECORDING button to this file will only written information. Now when press STOP button I must wait until opened keyboard, then press OK (I use automatic name), then close report. Not very comfortably and need many time. Better when file creates on start recording and write data to it every 5-10 minutes. After press STOP button write to the file last data. Also you can show report. That's all. Now I can accidentally press CANCEL after press STOP and lost my track too - it's not difficult on touchscreen.
This can by alternative to viewtopic.php?f=30&t=837 - because if I start recording I exactly want to get recorded track with 100 % warranty. Now I can accidentally cancel saving file after press STOP button or loose track if there are some troubles with program or phone.

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