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Troubles & Questions / "Cache online maps" unclear
February 01, 2013, 17:38:53
Hi all,
From the user manual:
Quote"Cache online maps (Settings for experts) - this setting prevents displayed online maps to be temporarily saved"
Hmm, I would expect that online maps are cached, when I check the button while the manual says, that checking will prevent that.
Could someone please shed some light on this? What action does actually do what?  ;)

Another question:
For offline navigation it would be nice to be able to download maps for a certain area in the cache for several zoom levels.
Can I do this, downloading maps, or do I actually have to use it /display it to have it stored in cache?

Thanks a lot for your eventual advice.


I am a disappointed OsmAnd+ user, looking for an alternative.

I basically want to use navigation while Inline Skating and want to do the following:

I select a route from a website, maybe
I want to import it into Locus, display it, while far away from the start and end point of the loaded route.
Skating along I want to be guided (ev. with voice) by Locus along the road, not missing any junction
I want to use an external gps mouse (i-blue 747a+ / Bluetooth GPS Provider)
I drive on Places, where there is no regular street, maybe on a dam, a river dyke in the Rhein valley (almost 60 km long), where there are small routes for bicycles.
I want to record routes.

Quite basic requirements, I think, but did not find an app yet that fullfilled this really. Osmand+ (paid) looked promising but fails miserably in lots of points.

Can this be done with Locus or Locus Pro ?