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Troubles & Questions / Dynamic elevation -problem
« on: December 10, 2016, 17:49:34 »
Like in Manual
Dynamic elevation-Displays altitude value at the map screen center. It is based on available online altitude public file sources.

It have worked for ca 3 years for me  but not today
of course i have

,Maybe it is in connection with  this Topic -
( sometimes i have this Srtm  and Vector map directory  Errror  )- i dont think it is becouse of Sd Card or becouse of Phone - i have new Smartphone and new SD Card but error sometimes occurs. .

After few years of excellent( no problems)  working  finally duo Locus+Brouter  stop working for me.

Another problem - Entering Locus i get this screen

I have to go to ,Settings'' and give Vector map folder. It works for some time, probobly till new update ,i don't know
I have all my maps ( vector + raster ) and Brouter details ( segment, profiles ..)  on Micro Sd,

Where is the problem?

Troubles & Questions / Guidance -Locus crash imediatelly
« on: August 23, 2015, 17:08:21 »
Last version installed today.

When i tap my track/route on the map and as always try to choose Guidance- Locus crash imediatelly.
Communication-''Unfortunatelly Locus Pro get closed''
( when i tap Navigation it is OK ) 

( I need guidance only to have altitude profile and km to go)

As in topic.

Few days ago I bought (used) Xperia Active , then went to GooglePlay to look for Locus Pro - but it is nothing.
( probobly- This app is not compatibile with the phone)

Not long  ago i used ( new ) Xperia Active and it was no Problem with Locus.( in sense possible to find in Google Play and install)

Here I see -
 Android 2.3.4 SEMCUser@SEMCHost#1
4.0.2.A.0.84- compilation number

Maybe this phone is to old for Locus newest version or.......  it was combination in System .?????

( Of course I can sent this phone eand get my money back , but it cost nothing . If lLocus would working i prefer to give this phone a chance)

Troubles & Questions / Adroid Kit Kat -Srtm Problems
« on: December 04, 2014, 00:21:49 »
Today i made Phone( S4 MINI) upgrade from 4.2 to Kit Kat and some problems as written here

With maps i see no problems- it is possible to give a path to ext microsd (point C)  but what to do with SRTM files.

I have ca. 3gb ( all Europa) .
I know it is possible to copy part of these files  to Device Locus/Data/Srtm but maybe there is better solution????

New topic ,becouse  i am not 100% sure.

I  have read here  that it is possible in Locus to connect Smartphone through Bluoetoth 4.0 technology with sport sensors like speed/cadence , heartrate . Is it true? 
If yes it works like Ant + , no problems???

What about energy consumpition compared with ANT + is it similar????

( I ask becouse i think  now it is no sense to wait for cycling( small , good battery,good photomaker ) Phone and nearly every new phone have bluetooth 4.0 .)

Troubles & Questions / Dashboard Chart -
« on: September 10, 2014, 23:36:53 »
 Is it possible to delete this traffic direction from Chart ?? How to do it , I want to see only altitude chart .


It looks awfully.

Another problem .I used to  work with Locus this way:
1.Create a route (track) from point to point  in Locus or sometimes in ,,Bikeroutertoaster''
2.Open this route in Locus ---
3. Try to fallow this route. I didn't use ''turn by turn ''nawigation   I saw little rectangle with track information as altitude , trip managed , trip left.......  .This rectangle automattically appearde and dissapeared again and again  ,.... it was very good.

In new versions i don't  have this rectangle .

Some time ago i didn't use ,,nawigation '' or Guide mode just opened a track.

Now (with Altitude Chart in Dashboard )   i  started ,,Guide'' but can see this rectangle only manually  ---when i target created track-then track changed colour and rectangle appear.

What is more when i didn't start ,,Guide'' just open a track still i dont have automatic ,, rectangle''

Troubles & Questions / Where is ANT + in new Locus 2.19..
« on: March 17, 2014, 20:23:19 »
I don't where can i found and turn on ANT+ in new version of Locus.

I see something like in previous version

but here i have no choice.

Wishlist / Elevation signs on track
« on: February 25, 2014, 11:19:47 »
Gennerally i don't like Garmin software but there are few interesting solution for cyclists (not only), mostly in ,,Altitude area.

See screens
There is a pink track  and little icon = signs of elevation. Signs are on the top of  the hill or on the bottom.

Then when we make zoom bigger( compared with screen 1)  we can see like this:    All screens  raster maps in jnx format
Or on vector map

Here sign shows end of Downhill (begining of uphill).

Of course signs are not always  100% corectly placed it depends of Srtm/Dem files, but it is nice to see this elevation signs when cycling especilally in hilly regions.

removed wrong links

Wishlist / Altitude Chart(Profile) in ''Right Panel''
« on: January 01, 2014, 12:50:01 »
I know here is a topic about implementation altitude chart in Dashboard  i also hope for it in the future.

Now we have for ex. possibility to see like this:

But to see this chart we have to make 3 clicks :first  on the point of the map , then click settings and last one ,,see chart''. 

I think it will be practical to have possibilitty to set ,,Altitude Chart '' in right panel.

''Altitude Chart''- I mean- we import or create  a route to Locus ( see it on map)
Then when travelling    just click on right panel ( Altitude Chart) and we know what is ahead and what we have done.

Even simple chart like in Garmin for ex. is sometimes quite useful
(green - what we have done , blue what's ahead):

Maps / rmap/sqlite maps on PC
« on: November 19, 2013, 19:15:26 »
I have made few big (ca 1gb) maps (rmap/sqlite format) in Mobile Atlas Creator and wanted to see this maps on my Deskop ( or Laptop) is it possible?
I spent some time but was not able to find a software which can read this rmap/squlite format on PC.

I know, Locus read big maps but the problem is that my MICRO SD (32 gb) is almost full and every time  to try new created map i have to deleted something from the Card.

(Before, I used all maps in TwoNav Rmap (is it possible to open this format  via CompeGpsLand)  format ,but now I  wanted to work with MIXMAP option in Locus, i like this.

Where can i see temperature from ANT ( Tempe) ?. Sometimes it is quite usefull information.

I know it is possible here
but it would be much better to have this in Dashboard ( in Sensors i dont see Tempe right now)  or in Information Panel ( maybe instead of battery temperature)

Troubles & Questions / Dashboard :Ascent and Descent - values to high
« on: September 28, 2013, 17:17:37 »
Last few days i noticed  on my Locus (with Beta ) some problems with incline values ( %).Ascent and Descent values are surely to high .

For ex.  my last track see enclose . When i read this gpx in Endmondo i see total ascent 1102 . But on my dashboard i saw something like 1900

I especially controlled one nearly flat segment ( ca 7 km)  but according to Locus dashboard i made ca 150 uphill meters.

Now values in inclination  especially  on  flat are unpredictable.Sometimes  this measurament jumped from -10 till +15  ( Yesterday i saw +70 % on maybe 5% hill)

I dont know if there where some changes in software regarding Altitude Calculation .Now the weather  is not stabile , pressure is very chengable but i havent seen something like this for a long period. 

Troubles & Questions / Locus wanted to finish action
« on: July 09, 2013, 18:07:22 »
This is a second time when i get the same annoying screen after few hours of cycling

My screen was locked .I looked at screen but did nothing , i get this ''stupid'' screen.
 I don't know if it is becouse of Locus  or becouse of Android . I closed this screen but after few second i get the new one , and the new one....
So i found no solution and Turn Off my mobile.

It is interesting that in recorded track( see enclose) it is a little  ''whole''  in both track. See km ca.77 in track from Sunday 7 July and km ca. 57 in track from today . It is exactly when this screen started to appear.

( I dont know how it is in a new Version , still i am using older  one becouse of Ant + Problems. I have always Turned Off internet Transmission)

Troubles & Questions / Ascent and Descent=0
« on: April 29, 2013, 19:28:01 »
I see some problems with altitude in last Locus Pero Version.

After recording trip- Ascent and Descent ( total uphill and total downhill) values in my Dashboard are always 0. see

Also =0 when i tap ,,INFO''about current trip  see

But track altitude seems to be correct. see

In Locus Free Beta version generally works OK but sometimes i have to ,,open'' and ,,close'' Gps  to have not 0 but normal values in Acscent and DeSCENT

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