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Wishlist / Developer API to not control display
December 13, 2012, 18:26:34

I have an issue using the developer api.  It works great, however, anytime i send data to Locus, it automatically brings Locus activity to the front (big problem), centers the display on the new object draw, and zooms the map to fit the entire feature in the window.  

Is it possible to not have these automatically happen?  I would like Locus to remain in the background, and have the tracks and points update, but not have the Locus map move.  It makes it hard because I'm using it as a real-time display, so points and tracks are being added and updated in the background, and i can't move around the display because Locus is auto-zooming and panning.

Looks like SendDataSilent will prevent LocusPro activity from being brought to the front, but it still centers and zooms on the new tracks, even when 'zoom lock' is selected in the Locus app.

The call importFileLocus does not have a "silent" option. As a result, Locus pro always comes back to be the top activity, I can't interact with other apps while it's being updated in the background.
Wishlist / Circles and Polygon
December 07, 2012, 17:06:38
Really need a way to render a proximity circle AND/OR a polygon, especially via the third party API, so that I can use my app to draw simple waypoints, tracks, and area features (specifically circle, but this can be approximated with polygon) on the Locus app.