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Troubles & Questions / New geocache waypoint bug
November 06, 2019, 22:00:54
Hi all,

entering coords for a new geocache waypoint always gives me the red ! signs as shown in the screenshot. Removing the space behind the ° sign helps.
Could someone please fix the underlying regex, such that ° sign becomes optional as in previous versions. Same as ' sign at the end. This bug drives me nuts...

Thanks and cheers,
Hi all,

I noticed the following bug in the latest version of locus:
If guidance to a geocache is active and a log is created for that cache, locus restarts without further notice.

Cheers, Axel
Troubles & Questions / GPX import/export bug
November 02, 2013, 11:07:17
Hi Menion,

sorry to bother you again with GPX stuff but there is still a bug in Locus leading to data loss.


I have a local geocache database and add a waypoint to a geocache. As prefix for this waypoint I choose "L0" because I know that Locus starts creating waypoints with prefixes from "L0" onwards. I export a GPX file from the database and import it to Locus. Everything is fine. Locus shows the geocache with its attached waypoint. I go outdoors and add multiple new waypoints while completing the geocache. Back at home I want to store the waypoints locally to have a full documentation in my database. I export a GPX file from Locus and import it in the database. And now here comes the bug... The very first waypoint I created locally is gone...

I had a look at the GPX file. It contains two waypoints with the prefix "L0" and therefore the same name. The one I created locally and the first waypoint Locus created. Locus does not make sure that the waypoint prefixes / names are unique what they should be.

Cheers, Axel
Troubles & Questions / Mark geocache as computed...
September 23, 2013, 19:51:14

I have a question and couldn't find an answer using the forum search...

I know there is the possibility to mark a geocache as "computed" so it shows up on the map with a red star added to the icon. But is there a possibility to mark multiple geocaches at once? Especially when working with an offline database and exporting geocaches via .gpx file this would be helpful. Or is there even an "undocumented" tag I could use in my .gpx files to mark geocaches directly while importing them into Locus?

Cheers, Axel
Troubles & Questions / Fieldnote Upload
September 13, 2013, 19:23:28
Hi all,

I encounter the following problem:

When uploading fieldnotes Locus uploads so fast that the API rejects new requests after around 30 fieldnotes for a certain time frame. Instead of waiting Locus resumes the upload with the next fieldnote, marking the previous (failed) fieldnote upload as being successful. If deletion indicator is set the fieldnote gets deleted from local storage resulting in data loss since the fieldnote was not transferred to the website.

Is there any chance of adjusting the upload speed or detecting the API reject?

Cheers, Axel
Wishlist / Fast adding waypoints for geocaches
November 04, 2012, 01:27:47

when being on a multistage geocache I miss a function that creates a new waypoint that is associated to the geocache I'm currently "working" in. Working in terms of guiding  or navigation to. Is there any chance to add the active geocache to the list of categories or something similar?

Implemented / Turn off animations
November 04, 2012, 01:23:31

when selecting the icon for a waypoint there is some kind of animation that I'd like to disable. Especially the one for geocaching icons isn't really smooth. Is there a chance of having a general option to disable these kind of animations in the app?

Troubles & Questions / Latest Update and Geocaching
November 01, 2012, 19:09:48
Hi all,

I love Locus for geocaching but unfortunately the latest update has a lot of really bad bugs. The ones I noticed I'd like to share...

1) Waypoints of a geocache can't be deleted at all.
2) Waypoints of a geocache can be modified on the map only but not in the description window of the geocache.
3) Waypoints of a geocache can't be navigated to from the description window of the geocache.
4) When editing a waypoint of a geocache it loses its icon.

5) While editing coordinates with NEW - FROM MAP no existing waypoints can be selected.

6) Exporting a geocache with more than 10 waypoints as GPX results in a strange GPX file. Importing the GPX file will give a geocache with 10 waypoints and (total number of waypoints - 10) waypoints not associated with the geocache.

I hope theses bugs can be fixed as they make Locus not usable for geocaching anymore.

Regards, Axel