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Tools / [UTIL] MapGeneral
October 17, 2012, 12:52:20
Hello everyone,

I created for myself a perl script able to download czech tourist maps from and generate .tar in TrekBuddy format, usable in Locus. This is similar functionality as existing tool MapGen by but with few important differences:

    *Runs in Linux console, so it can be run on remote server with fastest connection.
    *Respects new tourist maps on, which do not have multiple layers with tourist trails, but instead have different tile sets.

Once downloaded tiles are not downloaded again and just used from previous download. It's first working version, so it may contain bugs.
At the moment, the blogpost with tutorial is in czech only, as I presume mostly czech users, but if there is demand, I can do a short tutorial here.

Link to original blogpost:
Direct download link: ... 256.tar.gz

Thanks for any feedback.